Does Duck Make You Sick?

It does to me.
I have eaten duck 5 times in my life-each time I have gotten sick (vomiting). It doesn’t matter-whether chinese style or roasted, I become nauseous and throw up within 15 minutes.
I eat chicken and turkey with no problems-what is it about duck that has this effect?

Nope. I love it and order it every chance I get.

Does it count as seafood?

Love duck and it has always treated me well.

Yes. Both duck and goose make me ill. I think it is the fat.

Definitely not. It’s my favourite meat by far and order it whenever I can.

Sounds like a spoonerism.

I’m sorry, why again did you eat it the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time?

I love duck and have never experienced the least bit of intestinal or esophageal distress from it, whether it came from a restaurant or one of our many hunting excursions. Chicken fried duck is just awesome.

No problems with duck. I would guess that the problem would be the fact it’s so fatty and rich, rather any any actual allergy.

Fowl traitor!

Mmm, thinking about duck makes me hungry. It’s very rich, and I can see how it might make a person queasy, but five-for-five barfing seems a little over the top.

I love duck, and it definitely does not make me sick.

Are you especially sensitive to fatty foods? Other than the breast, duck is quite high in fat.

Are you perhaps allergic?

Try removing the feathers first. They tickle your throat and cause you to vomit.

Another duck eater with no problems here.

Yeah, they are kinda greasy.

Doesn’t make me sick, but it does make me a bit queasy. It’s utterly disgusting, IMO.

ralph, did you get it from the same place every time?

Nope. I’ve never had a problem.

A restaurant with duck on the menu is assured of my continuous patronage. Yum.


I love duck , it makes me happy.
But reptile makes me fart to a truly distressing degree, if that helps.