Your favorite poultry?

Chicken: mild, versatile, can be cooked a million different ways.

Duck: the King of Poultry.

Turkey: Thanksgiving necessity, but great year-round.

Goose, pheasant, quail: not always commercially available but excellent birds. Tastes better when you catch/kill them yourself IMHO.

Turducken: why choose when you can put them together?

Other: emu, ostrich, pigeon, others.

I gotta go with duck. Hail to the King.

Goose is kinda greasy, though.

I’ll go with turkey, though duck is close. I also like chicken, but it’s not as flavorful.

Chicken in my favorite, but I like turkey too. I’ve had wild and domestic turkey, they were different but tasty. I’ve also had wild and domestic duck. Didn’t like the domestic, too bland and fatty, but the wild was great. But only had it twice.

I’ve never had the others but with I could try them so I could compare.

As far as what I eat and versatility, definitely chicken. I don’t get turkey. I like turkey exactly once a year: Thanksgiving. And that’s about all the turkey I ever need to have for a year. Duck and goose are awesome, but I just can’t eat them with the frequency of any other poultry. So I have to go chicken.

Just looked in the freezer. I have:
3 whole chickens
2 whole turkeys
1 frozen turkey breast.
Based on weight I went with turkey.
I love both chickens and turkeys, but chickens are less work.
I also love duck and goose, but I have heard a rumor that goose can be greasy. Anybody know the straight dope?

Further up the post it was mentioned that domestic seemed fattier than wild. And that makes sense, considering the differences in diet and activity.

I’ve never had any birds but chicken and turkey, so I voted chicken.
Chicken is also my favorite meat in general; if I had to get my protein from just one source, forever, it’d be chicken.

Some folks here seem to think so.


That loud whooshing noise you hear is a greasy goose flying by.

Turkey. I eat chicken, because it’s often the healthiest thing on the menu…but I love turkey. And I’m starting to cook and eat a lot of ground turkey, too. It’s tasty, and it’s easier to digest than ground beef. I’d be happy to roast a turkey breast every week, but I don’t think that my husband would like to have it that often.

My husband and daughter prefer duck, and when she comes to visit she will usually roast a duck for the both of them, while I go out to eat, because I really don’t care for duck. I’ve had goose once, and didn’t like it either.

All depends on how you cook it =)

I guess I am the only one that voted for goose =(

I wasn’t really a fan of chicken until I found a recipe for roast chicken that knocks my socks off. I make it with one of them spendy organic free-range chickens, and it’s super-flavorful. Also I’m not much of a poultry connoisseur. So I went with chicken.

Had pheasant for Christmas. Hoo boy.

Lots of meat for the size, not like duck. More flavour than chicken, although the bones are joined pretty ruggedly.

Whyn’t you mention Rock Cornish Hen?

That falls pretty squarely under “chicken.”

Originally, they were a hybrid, but who knows what you’re getting these days.

For easy availability, versatility and reasonable cost, I had to go with chicken. Even though the breast meat is preferred by most, I’m more likely to use the thigh; it’s tastier (IMHO), less expensive, and just as versatile.

Something else: Grouse

Divine poultry, the best! It’s a lot like chicken, chicken turned up the 11, really intense, delicious flavor. Cornish game hen is a close second.