Does "Ed" actually have an audience?

I was unfortunate enough to catch the last few minutes of this loathesome program last night while waiting for a “West Wing” episode that didn’t materialise.

Does anyone actually watch this on a weekly basis and actually look forward to the next installment? Do women find this grinning idiot attractive? I’m a hetero guy and he creeps me out with that sexual-predator, smile-never-reaches-the-eyes blank look.

The few scenes I’ve seen where he is wrestling amorously with the unfortunate female lead(s?) looked to me like the woman was desperately trying to avoid being groped while trying to act like she was enjoying it.

Anyone else find this program to be completely lacking in merit and the cast completely repulsive?

I watch “Ed”. I love “Ed”. I’m a hetero guy. The show’s hilarious.

Nah, Ed’s good people. Let him grow on you, ChefGuy. :wink:

I would think a West Wing fan could appreciate Ed with that rapid-fire-how-witty-can-we-be-in-under-three-seconds-of-dialogue style both shows have.

The only thing I like about that show is Phil.

Love it too. :wink: I missed it last night - but last week’s episode was hilarious. I especially like Mike’s detailed record of he and Nancy’s sex life. Paraphrasing:

Mike: Most frequent occurances are Fridays and Saturdays, least frequent is Tuesdays. (goes on for a few more minutes in excruciating detail)
Nancy: Ok, you’re starting to creep me out.
Mike: This being a Tuesday it’s no big loss.

I also liked his “new car smell” analogy, and the inevitable fact that eventually someone will drop a burrito between the seats. :smiley:

I love Ed. The humor is quirky, and it is an acquired taste. But I love it.

I don’t think the romantic klutziness is a result of Julie Bowen’s dislike for Tom Cavanaugh. These are just two adults who’ve known each other all of their lives who finally realize they’re in love with each other. They’re not sure how to take their relationship further. Yeah, it’s painful to watch, but then, so is life.


If it didn’t have an audience, it wouldn’t have been renewed.

Oh, wait, I keep forgetting about Becker.

And Good Morning, Miami

Actually, I usually watch it. It has its ups and downs, but it’s generally entertaining. What I want to know is, what happened to Ed and Mike’s absurd $5 bets?

I love the show, it’s one of my favorite shows on TV. I could listen to Dr. Burton and Ed all day.

They didn’t have a bet this week, h.sapiens. It may have been the first time ever. The episode where Mike sued the animal farm, Mike bet Ed that he wouldn’t call the judge “Nancy”.

“No futher questions, your Honor. Nancy.”
“Did you just call me ‘Nancy’?”

::does dog impression: cocks head to one side, gives confused quizical look with tongue lolling out::

Another one over here that loves the show. I thought that the season finale last season was probably their best episode ever.

Shame on you, h.sapiens! It’s 10 bucks! Always 10 bucks!

“Hey, Ed, ten bucks if you go ask that guy where the lettuce is. But you have to pronounce it ‘La-TOOSE’.”

Hetero guy checking in, thinks the show is witty and most of the actors charming, watches it off and on. Chefguy, it looks like you’re in the minority here - although the show has never had huge ratings and was very nearly canceled over the summer.

ChefGuy, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. I’ve been subjected to a regular diet of Ed, and most of the time it’s painful to watch. The show has its moments, but not nearly enough of them.

Amen on the “smile that never reaches the eyes” thing.

Prior to the much-vaunted boycott of television, which is quickly making me MUCH more popular with my friends and coworkers (they really enjoy the constant moralizing about how much better than am I have become. Seriously), I would occasionally watch Ed, and I found that it was strangely watchable.

The truth is, for me at least, while it was never really good, was a lot less bad than most everything else on network tv. If that sounds like damnation with faint praise, good. That’s the idea. Ed’s bland inoffensiveness (the program, not the character specifically, who I recall as something of a passive-aggressive weasel) is, sadly, the best you can hope for in the blighted wasteland of prime-time programming. I could settle down to work on the ass-groove in the couch secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be too pissed off by the time I snapped out of my daze (except by the commercials, of course).

Good Morning Miami, on the other hand, is good evidence that programming decisions may all be the result of a series of lost bets, or dartboards. That’s the kind of bilge that makes one yearn for the day when computers really DO take over the process of writing and producing shows.

I watched the first season, skipped the second, seem to be watching it again this season.

I wish they hadn’t gotten rid of the other weird guy from the bowling alley, Shirley’s pal. They were funny together.

On NBC’s website, there’s a list of the $10 bets. There were quite a few I had forgotten.

I’m glad to see my fellow dopers sticking up for my beloved Ed.
Although I cannot speak for straight women everywhere, I can explain why I find the bowling alley lawyer so damn attractive. Many women who have seen Cameron Crowe’s “Say Anything” instantly fell in love with Lloyd. How could you not? Well, I see Ed as an older version of LLoyd. Sweet, good hearted, devoted and well, let’s be honest , a little odd. I think the idea of a man who would decorate your house with waffles, or show up at your job in a suit of armor is unbelievably charming. I like Ed for the same reason I watch cheesy romantic comedies. It’s a fantasy full of heartfelt, sweet and romantic acts that will never happen to me, or probably to anyone else for that matter.

I used to really love this show, but it turned too “soap-operaish” for me, just about the time Carol agreed to marry that horrid gray-haired principal guy and when “Kenny” left the show. Plus they started showing too much about Warren Cheswick–a little of that kid goes a long way.

I liked the quirkiness of the bowling alley and local color characters, has it gotten more back to that or is it still about who loves who?

Oh yeah, and did they finally bring back the Foo Fighters for the opening theme song?

I love this show! I can’t really explain why, though. I guess it’s just the quirky humor and the characters. I did find the one with the horse (week before last?) pretty boring, though.

Yeah, the Foo Fighters song is back.

The show right now has a good combination of soap opera stuff and quirkiness - the guy who replaced Kenny (Ely) is usually pretty fun to watch. Warren has actually been kinda scarce lately - they had one episode about him recently, otherwise it’s all been cameos at best.

Is that true? They dislike each other off camera?

Anyway, I like Ed. It’s one of the few shows that can actually make me laugh out loud. The soap operaish main story line can go overboard, but overall I like it.