I love Ed.

No not Mr Zotti.
The show “Ed”. Didn’t catch the first few episodes when it was up against The Simpsons, but just started watching it now it’s on Wednesdays.

What a great show. Fills the aching void left in the tv world by the passing of Northern Exposure. Very smart and well written, with tons of heart as well.

And it has the hillarious kid from Galaxy Quest and the ridiculously beautiful Rena Sofer.

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but this one just made my own little must-see list.

Follow it up with West Wing and TV on Wednesdays is actually watchable.

“…tonight Ed becomes a man…” Great show.

I’ll have to set my VCR timer to start recording at 8pm.(already recording West Wing & Law and Order)

I just can’t get into hourlong shows, there are too many things I should be doing evenings . . . I saw one episode of “Ed” and it struck me as being very “Midwestern Exposure.” Did he ever drop that chilly blonde bitch for the nice chubby girl?

If by “chubby girl” you mean the brunette lawyer, yes. At least for the time being. Though the “chilly blonde bitch” seems to have fallen prey to the-want-what-you-can’t-have-syndrome now. Quite the romantic triangle.

And I might add, we obviously have diferent opinions of what the definition of a “chubby girl” is…

Eve! Just watch it. The chubby girl is watching the chilly blond chick’s heart get broken by the HOT lipped new DA in town. CG is CBC’s main support and the surly Voice of Wisdom on the show.

Fireworks next week when Ed figures out how to think and act without all those pesky clogging dead sperm cells in his head.

“Due Midwestern Exposure” with an almost unnoticable Letterman undertaste. I give it 1.5 seasons max. before the schlock becomes unbearable. Fun now though.

I love this show!! It’s the perfect blend of funny, quirky and sweet.

I just adore Ed’s best friend. Those $10 bets they do every week are hilarious. The rest of the supporting cast is great, too.

Just for clarification: the chubby girl is NOT the new DA (and Ed’s new love interest). She is Carol’s best friend and also is a teacher at the high school.