Scrubs 2/3

Cox is settling into his new job, Ted meets a girl, and some other stuff happens.
Stephanie (Kate Micucci) is adorable! I like-like her.

The second episode was the hardest I’ve laughed at Scrubs in a while. I can relate to Ted a little too well.

I heard that all the cast members would be sitting out two episodes this season, so I guess tonight was Donald Faison’s turn. They did fine without him, but I’m glad he’ll be back for the rest of the episodes.

Oh, and the whole duet with Ted and Stephanie is on (I actually saw it last week, which spoiled the punchline a little). Good stuff.

Edit: Ah, crap, it says that video is expired…hopefully, I’m just linking wrong.

Edit2: Ah-ha, click on “Interns - Screw You With Ted” in the window, sit through an ad, then it plays.

I agree that the second episode was the funniest the show has been in ages. I nearly injured myself laughing at the Janitor’s bit when he and JD were talking to Ted in the lounge.

I agree that the woman playing Stephanie is a comely lass.

Embarrassingly, I cheered out loud when the lazy intern (Ed?) got fired at the end. Quite annoying, he was. It’s heartening to think, given the speed at which they’re whizzing through the episodes, it’s likely that the writers always intended to fire him, rather than reacting belatedly to fan dislike of a character they thought would be likable.

That said, I rather doubt that we’ve seen the last of him. He seems the type who’d sue, especially as Cox has effectively torpedoed his entire medical career, or so it seems to me. (I find it hard to imagine another hospital taking him on given that he got canned less than two months into his first year of internship. Unless he comes from money, he’s going to have a lot of loans to repay and no way to get that sort of income.

How believable is the level of Ed’s laziness, by the way? Clearly he was very smart, but his entitlement and arrogance, though amusing, were a bit over the top. I mean, he KNEW that Cox–not merely an attending but the chief of the residency program–hated him; Cox explicitly told him so. When given an unambiguous order to improve in a specific way by the now-Big-Boss Cox, he blatantly defied it. How could he not see it coming?

Lastly: I missed Denise/Jo. But perhaps with Ed gone we’ll see more of her.

And regarding Ed, if he’s so lazy now, how did he get as far as an internship? That means he had to do well enough through high school and undergraduate school to get into and then through medical school.

I just saw this ep (DVR’d it) and I loved it!

It was definitely funnier than the rest seem to be and the story line with Ted was great. I have always loved Ted’s character and I am happy he is (hopefully) getting his shot at love.

Jordan was really the MVP of the ep for me. I guess since it’s Jordan you can never tell if she is just screwing with Cox, but her sincerity and her just being there for him at the end really made me happy.

(Lord I am a sap…)

Ted has a girlfriend. How sweet!

IIRC, John McGinley’s son has Down Syndrome. It was nice to see him relating with patience and understanding to a patient with Down Syndrome.

Puberty beard…hee hee hee.

“Yay I’m alive!”

“I finally have a brother!”

That kid (Jack) kills me.

Excellent episode. Cute girl, romance, Cox dealing with his issues, and a classic side-splitting riff from Janitor.

But “My Last Words” from a couple of weeks ago was an amazing blend of pathos and humor.

The show doesn’t always hit the mark, but when it does – Wow!

Was the the first appearance of the **Red Swingline **in Scrubs?

I am very late coming to this show and have only seen a few dozen in syndication and all of this years episodes. I really enjoyed the show last night.

I am very pleasantly surprised by ABC, this season has taken the show back to it’s prime.

That “Yay, I’m alive!” bit was great.

Who’da thunk I’d ever be jealous of Ted? That Stephanie is just too damn cute. Way to go Ted! Though I still miss intern-Elliot; of course, I thought she looked better in her “cookie sweats” rather than her Dr.Model look.

I agree, intern Ed deserved what he got and was kind of a grating character, but I’m also kind of sorry to see him go. Aziz Ansari is a pretty funny guy; if you like sketch comedy, try and check out Human Giant.

I haven’t seen every ep of scrubs or anything, but this is the first time I have noticed that too.

It took me out of the scene a bit actually cuz my first thought was “Wow, that is a bright red something there. Wait, is that? The stapler??”

When you are naturally gifted in your area of study, it takes virtually no effort to learn it.

Some really smart people can get quite a ways before “hitting the wall” as it were. High school and a lot of college is actually a breeze if you have the smarts. It can be an nasty realization for some people when they realize that they are going to have to actually work to get thru a course for the first time.

It’s a bell curve. Some people start sweating during grade school, others glide thru grad school and beyond.

Are we sure Ed is gone for good? I just assumed he was going to come back next week and get his job back. I very much enjoyed his character, partly because his brand of humor stood out from everyone else’s on the show.

As I wrote above, I think Ed will sue. I’m not sure that he realized that Cox was deliberately manipulating him into a situation where he could be fired, but now that he’s lost both his income and prospects for more, he’s likely to get more serious–not about his education, but about paying his bills, which a dweeb like him will see as getting a payout from Sacred Heart.

You aren’t afraid to go out on a limb, are you.

There have been rumors (maybe even posted around here) that there is going to be a follow-on series with a new cast of interns, etc. I’ve been looking at the new batch (there are of course 3 singled out noobs) as a trial run at this. But 2 are complete jerks and one is useless.

So I hope Ed is gone for good and not going to be brought back if they decide on a continuation series.

I wouldn’t mind a show centered around Not!Jo. She’s the anti-JD in some ways, and I can see her having an interesting interior life.

I think there are some webisodes somewhere with this years interns.

This looks to them:

It won’t be a continuation, it’ll be a spinoff and Bill Lawrence, Judy Reyes and Zach Braff are not going to be involved, Lawrence because he’s working on a new project whose working title I believe is Cougar Town with Cougar meaning the hot older women who can’t get enough of the young cock, Reyes is looking to do some work on Broadway and Braff is going to be writng and is looking at doing an action film. No news on whether or not any of the other cast members will be involved.

As a heads up, if you go to and then the Scrubs page, Bill Lawrence answers questions on a fairly regualr basis, (his screen name is BDoozer) and also blogs.

As far as Ed goes, I really don’t see where people are getting the impression that he’s dumb, Cox said that he was ahead of the other interns a few episodes back. To me, Ed comes across pretty much as ftg put it, Ed was smart enough to be able to get through college and med school while still keeping his fratboy lifestyle, but once he got into the real world, instead of manning up, and growing a pair, he stayed with the fratboy stuff and even more stupidly, brought it into the workplace. And as Bill Lawrence has said numerous times surgeons are really jocky frat boy alpha male types and the best surgeons are really idiot savants of sort who don’t have to think, just do stuff instinctually. That being said, while Turk and The Todd do carry some of the jocky fratboy aura around, Ed takes it way beyond the pale.

What I’d like to know is where the hell is Sunny, the female Indian intern? I’ve only ever seen her in the webisodes, never on an actual episode.

As far as Dr. Cox and the patient with Down’s Syndrome, that was really cool and reminds me that Johnny C. McGinley LOATHES Ben Stiller and will never work with him because of Stiller’s comments and use of the word “retard.”

How does Ed take it beyond Todd? He isn’t one tenth as bad.