Does every goddamn thing on earth have to be left or right wing?

I mean seriously? It has gotten to the point people classify films as left or right wing propaganda if they bother to take any kind of stand whether it is political or not.

If anyone mentions laudable attributes like self sufficiency or taking responsibility for your choices well those are clearly right wing propaganda talking points.

If someone mentions helping others who are needy or self sacrifice well obviously those are left wing propaganda catch phrases.


Jesus christ on a cracker, if you view the world through this bizarre lens everything is political, everything is propaganda. Could it be that things aren’t left or right wing, could they simply be positive things independent of politics?

At this point the right wing will be degenerate into Unibombers shooting at people trying to freeload on the oxygen the plants on their property produced, while the left wingers are waiting for the government wiper to come clean their crusty butthole. When you keep going more and more extreme you produce nutty extremists!

EDIT: You want a real world example? That horrible book Atlas Shrugged, when I was a teenager it was a book your teacher might tell you had an interesting viewpoint. Most of the people I know who called it a fav in their teens were the artsy fartsy crowd who would probably be called left wing today. It was a stupid book making a stupid point, like a million others.

Now it is the fucking Bible of god Rand, right wing wank material, the source of controversy and friction. Get the fuck over it!

That’s why I prefer the fuselage.

That’s a left-wing emoticon if I’ve ever seen one.

Not quite everything. For fleeting moments of time, some things are bi-partisan. But it it is a system of binary classification. Everything must belong to either the left-wing, or the right-wing. Of course, no one is required to believe that system of classification is anything but a setup in a major con game.

Typical right-wing reply.

Offered without comment. (warning: Link contains YouTube clip of Fox News)

Oh dear. :eek: Is that a real news thing or a joke news thing? Nah, best not answer, as I fear it might be the former.

I will go and boil my brain.

Yes! Everyone knows you can’t actually sit on fences! You’ll always fall to one side or another… There is no middle ground!

this post brought to you by sarcasm

After the Twin Towers fell there was a period of national unity and a freedom from partisanship. It lasted about 15 minutes.

If you talk about bi-partisanship THEN THE TERRORISTS WIN!

Thanks to the REPUBLICANS!

Pat Paulsen, when asked about his political affiliation, said, “I’m not left wing or right wing. I’m more middle of the bird.”

It’s not left- and right-wing. It’s those who agree with me, and those who are wrong.


Thankfully, blowjobs seem to transcend partisan politics.

Were you alive in the late '90s?

Yeah, how about the defensemen and the goalies? Huh? How about them?
ETA: …and the centers!

It ain’t just Fox, either. Just today…

Meh. It just clues you in to who the morons are. Right winger goes on a rant, I try to speak up for the truth, I get slammed as a left wing socialist communist marxist wingnut. Left winger does the same and I speak up, I get called a conservative fascist blah blah blah.

Unfortunately, most of it is done by the right wing these days. They have thrown away the concept of dialog in favor of insulting those who disagree with them. So naturally, if you disagree with them, you have to be slandered as an extreme lefty in order to attempt to discredit you.

I think the Unabomber is probably more plausibly classified as left-wing. Right wingers degenerate into Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph.

Well arguably primitivists are extreme reactionaries considering they want to go back to 10000 BC.