Does familiarity breed contempt?

Is the saying true? Have any of you here had any such experiences like that? I have with such people where for a long time I have known them and eventually get sick of them (or vice-versa)

*Why does this happen?

*Is there really any way to prevent it?

*If so, what course of action should I take?

*Or is it fate, like most other things?

I’ve found that the opposite is often true. Sometimes I wonder if non-romantic love is really little more than familiarity.

Anyway, I think it would be fair to say that familiarity feeds contempt. If the contempt (however small) is already there, familiarity will help it grow into a monster, but I’m not so sure that familiarity alone is enough.

The expression makes more sense in context: a rigid class system where the relationship to one’s inferiors is always one of authority, and to one’s superiors is subservience. “Familiarity” in the sense of forming honest casual friendships outside of one’s social level challenges the entire system (i.e. why does my drinking buddy have a much better life than I do? He’s not any smarter/handsomer/better than I am; he was just born into the right family).

In the British class system, it was (and still is to some extent, I guess) crucial to one’s own position that friendships not be formed with those of lower rank, lest they develop contempt instead of deference and the whole system collapses.

I think I have a curse…
I have friends, and get close relationships, and I immediately back off and destroy the relationship either through ignorance or contempt.

Is anyone else like this or am I a unique case?