Does Firefox + Excel = Problem?

I have been having a problem with Excel recently and it may have started around the time I switched to Firefox as my browser. Now when I click on a saved .XLS file I get a message that says “This File is not in a recognizable format” even if I just created the file in Excel.

If I click to cancel, indicating that the file IS NOT and excel file, the program is opening four files - the one I want along with one .RTF file and two .HTM files.

If I click ‘OK’, excel tells me that it can’t open Access MDB files even if that isn’t what I am pointing to. A total of 5 windows open (lots of clicking to cancel), the file I want along with one .RTF file, two .HTM files and a .QBB file.

Any ideas what this problem may be and how to solve it? FTR, the machine is running XP and Office 2K SR-1 Premium with SP 2. I have tried using the office install disk to repair the install and I have tried using the repair feature of Excel as well.

Please don’t respond by saying I need to drop Microsoft.

It sounds like the file association might be messed up. Right-click on the file, go to Open With and select Choose Program. Select Microsoft Excel and check the Always use this program to open these files box before hitting OK. This should re-associate .xls files with Excel.

I tried this already and the problem continues unabated.

What happens if you start Excel first, then open the file within Excel?

If you still have the problems, then it’s nothing to do with file associations, it’s an Excel problem. (I can’t think of a reason why Firefox would be affecting Excel.)

Perhaps there are macros being exectued within the Excel file?

I agree. If it’s happening for every spreadsheet (not just a particular one) then there’s something wrong with Excel. Since the repair didn’t work it will probably require a complete uninstall of Office followed by a reinstall and re-application of all updates.

The problem still happens. I will now try the complete uninstall \reinstall.

Okay. Now I am pissed off. I uninstalled and reinstalled office and I’m still having problems. However, this time I noticed something. After the install I rebooted the computer, my computer doesn’t connect to network drives without a password, but when I open Excel (without network drives available) I still get the incompatibility message and two of the files that opens only exists on my machine as a shortcut to the network drive (which should be inaccessable). Other files on my machine that are shortcuts only don’t open.

Hmmm. Getting a little confusing now.
Are you postive it’s accessing your network drives? Can you actually save the file that opens to a network drive?

Might be a virus. Are you running up-to-date anti-virus software?

Is it all Excel files or just one?

I just cleared everything out of documents and settings\adam yax\Application Data\Microsoft\office\recent. I emptied the recycle bin and rebooted. At this point the network drive is not accessable and Excel opened like it should with a blank worksheet.

I then closed Excel and connected to the network drive. This time when I opened Excel, the same old problem happened, the same files opened. FTR, Excels default file location is set to c:\documents and settings\adam.

Anti Virus is UTD.

Okay, I think I have fixed the problem but I still don’t know the cause. My personal directory is on the network drive at G:\adam. All the files that Excel was opening on its own were in the root of the G drive. I just gathered them up and moved them into their own folder and the problem seems to be solved. I just don’t know why Excel was looking in the root of the G drive for files.

That’s an interesting problem. Have you searched Microsoft’s Knowledge Base for similar problems? Have you tried removing/reinstalling Firefox?

If you haven’t found anything in the Knowledge Base and it still happens when you uninstall Firefox, you may consider reporting this as a bug to Microsoft. On second thought, since you’re using Office 2000, they may not care anymore. Couldn’t hurt, though.