Does Hell Exist?

Just a question…

Of course it does, I work there.

“ah but there is a hell, and I am in it.”

HomeOfTheBraves - you must be mistaken. Hell will be my appartment in a few short months.

OK…. let me try this another way. Have you ever noticed how Porn is a + Billion dollar a year business but no one admits they watch.
4 out of every 5 teenaged boys masturbate but as we were growing up no one had hairy knuckles.

The Point

In the bible an uncountable number “Like the sands of the sea will fall” (fall is the active word here, meaning Hell and/or Dead and gone).

My problem with this is I am the only person I know that will be there in the future. Everyone else, AND I MEAN everyone has asked for forgiveness or does not need too ask. Basically this means in their speech and mind they are going to heaven and/or live forever.

WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE? Going straight to hell AND WILLING TO ADMIT IT!!!

When I find the Internet’s Frenchmen I will let you know.

You work at the DMV? :eek:

Ever been to Wal-Mart?

Yep, and it’s a place that only serves light beer, plays Irish folk music and has pictures of cows and cowboys painted by someone that ain’t Charlie Russell.

I end up there every time I leave Montana.

Indeed, and it’s Astroworld during the summer. Seriously though, I don’t think one does.

Does Hell Exist?

Yes–it’s called High School.

I thought I was in Hell. Am I mistaken?

I knew I should’ve taken a left turn at Albuquerque!

Hell is other people.

Max :slight_smile:

Yes, YOU ARE INDEED MISTAKEN…(and you should’ve taken a slight right at Albequerque)

You are not in hell.

Hell is located at MY house.


I have encountered people who counted themselves as Christians, but said that they did not believe in hell. I guess they think everyone goes to heaven? Perhaps on the grounds that “no one is all bad”?

I wonder if anyone believes that everyone goes to hell, because “no one is all good”?

I’m aware that many would say that one’s afterlife destination depends on what one believed, not how one behaved. Nevertheless, many Chrisitians do talk about a sorting process based on behavior. It seems to me that not all Christians buy into the idea that having the right beliefs gets you into heaven, and not having them dooms you to hell, no matter how good a life you lived.

Some very reputable philosophers, (Hick is the only name that comes to mind), have asserted that the concept of eternal hell has very little biblical backing. Instead, more of a purgatory concept is forwarded, only with more suffering.

in H.G. Wells’ novel In the Days of the Comet, the narrator’s aged mther finally admits that she belives that Hell exists, but not that anyone will actually go there. I suspect that belief is in th back f the minds of most Christians – it’s pretty hard to square the idea of eternal suffering with just and loving God.

Me, I’m an agnoistic, which means I’m guaranteed one-way ticket there. I can only hope that it’s more like the Hell of Shaw’s Man and Superman than of Dante’s ** Inferno**.


Looks like Hwy 36 is your best bet.