Does money really compensate this much?

Is this image implying that I can easily compensate my shortness if I get rich when I grow up?

And man, I crack up every time I look at that picture. :smiley:

Actually, I’d bet neither one is anything like a millionaire. Who’s to say the guy isn’t carrying around a foot of salami? Not that the bikini has any assets except her implants.

If Elliot Rodger was so well-to-do, why couldn’t he buy himself a girlfriend?

Because he forgot to pay his Illuminati dues.

Back in the day, Prince could have had his pick of any woman in any room (he probably still could). Was it because he was rich, or was it because he was famous, or was it because he was fantastically talented, or was it because he’s one good-lookin’ dude?

What I’m saying is, become a superstar and you’ll never have to worry about your height again. :slight_smile:

Meh. Maybe she likes the older bad boys. Or maybe he’s a great guy and they connected on a deeper level over a period of time.

The old saying goes “Stand him on his wallet and he gets taller.”

Or maybe she saw him at the bar, quietly licking his eyebrows.

He wasn’t, supposedly.

If you’re short you’re much less likely to become rich. But then “growing up” implies an increase in vertical stature.

Does the endless stream of nearly pointless Reddit pix with snarky captions compensate for the five funny ones a year?

R3d Anonymous, have you seen the documentary The Queen of Versailles? It follows the lives of a couple who look very similar to the one in the picture (old billionaire who married younger beauty queen). It really gives a sense of what their relationship is like, and while there is no doubt that he is getting sex with an attractive woman, I’m not sure it’s a relationship that I would want. OTOH, if you’re only interested in sex, it’s generally possible to buy it one way or another.

She’s skanky looking. Maybe it’s the huge, fake udders, but she’s not a prize in my book, at least based on her looks. Although who knows, she may be a fantastic person. That’s the weakness of images.

I’m not sure being short is something you need to compensate for beyond occasionally using a stepstool or a ladder, but putting that aside, yes, there are lots of ways to counteract whatever deficits you feel you have as a result of being short. Having money would be one. Others include personality, talent, sense of humor, and on and on. Really the first step is just getting the hell over it.

Maybe he’s too short to get over it. :slight_smile:

Whoops. I hadn’t come across that before.

That does tend to make an impact.:smiley:

I just threw up a little… nasty!

In that case, I give you this.

She got over $1,000,000,000 in the divorce!

I’m no expert, but I suspect that it’s way more offputting to obsess about your lack of height than just trying to work on your other qualities.

I’m pretty sure you’ve posed the question in reverse, but the answer is no. No, it doesn’t. IMHO, of course. :slight_smile: