Does penicillin supress appetite?

Weirdest thing. I’m on penicillin (500 mg 4 times a day, if it matters) for an abscess that was root canaled on Thursday. Ever since, I’ve had almost no appetite! Now, I’m an eater and a big gal and this is really weird for me. My stomach is a bit upset, and I’ve got that almost-reflux thing of feeling a lump in my throat and one in my chest and burping quite a bit (but no acid in the back of my throat or bitter taste).

Basically, I feel like I do when I take too many caffeine diet pills. But I haven’t taken any. Eating something makes the upset and lumps go away for a few minutes, but I don’t have any appetite at all. None. I’m only eating when I get headaches from not eating, and then only a little bit. I’ve scoured the patient information (and have none of the “call your doctor if…” side effects), and it does mention quite a few GI side effects, but anorexia isn’t one of them. Is it just a me thing?

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve taken it. I was very surprised and happy to get an $8 prescription for once!

Are you eating lots of yogurt? Antibiotics wipe out some of the good bacteria in your gut that help you digest stuff. Eating yogurt with active cultures helps replace them. Even if you hate yogurt, get yourself some smoothies or something. You can take pills with acidophilus and bifidum in them but I think yogurt’s the better way to get the right bugs into you.

IANA doctor or dentist. However, I think that it’s much more likely that your abcess is causing your lack of appetite. Unless you have other medical issues, I’d say don’t worry about a loss of appetite for a few days. I would advise you to call your dentist/doctor tomorrow, just to make sure.

I can’t stand yogurt, unless it’s that frozen yogurt, so I’m all over those acidophilus when I have to take antibiotics. I really do get a lot of benefit from eating them.

Huh. Well, I’ve had the abscess for weeks now, and it sure didn’t suppress it before Thursday. It’s nearly gone now, what with the roto-rooter to the tooth and all. (Don’t worry, I know not to stop taking the antibiotic just because the abscess seems to be all better.)

No, I haven’t been eating yogurt. The thought of yogurt right now makes me a little urgie. But thanks for the reminder, I’ll go get some acidophilus caps tomorrow when the health food store opens. My stools, however, are fine, which is the usual rubric against which I measure my intestinal flora (or are bacteria fauna?) Plus, I have a wonderful yeast alarm system, ifyouknowhatImean.