Does Running for President Make Any Sense?


Of course it does! You know the nation’s problems. You know what’s needed. Only you can save this country and steer it off the dangerous path it’s on to the path of all that’s right and good.

After all, God Himself told you this this very morning. You are the national savior. You must prevent those who plot against this country from seizing the presidency and using that power to realize their nefarious deeds. Only you can do that! Only you have the ability. You are the chosen one. It is your destiny to be POTUS! Fulfill your destiny!

That, and you’ll be swimming in both money and babes for years to come.

Did someone say that, or is that what they all say?

OK Cecil, another of your customarily erudite, well thought-out answers, but I must object to the cat in a microwave analogy :mad:.

Just when I thought “more ways to skin…” was losing favor, you had to go and use an updated, and equally offensive, choice of words.

Enough! May I suggest “an IS fighter in the microwave” ? Of course he/she would need to be trimmed to fit…

Or how about “a box of popcorn in a blast furnace”, for those offended by the thought of carving anyone into little pieces.

And speaking of potential Republican candidates, can someone…anyone, explain how Donal Trump managed to become so wealthy? I’m nearly as loud-mouthed, offensive and uninformed as he, but have yet to hit it big.:frowning:

His father was rich.

Oh, so he pulled himself up by his bootstraps

By gum … YOU’RE RIGHT … We need a President in these times who knows exactly how much room we need to swing a cat. But I’m stumped, what the hell is an FEC Candidate Identification Number {PDF} ? Do I just copy the number off my God Card, or do I need to dig out the paperwork from when Satan was assigning numbers?