Does she love me? I want to know.

How can I tell if she loves me so?

Is it in her eyes? No, no, you’ll be deceived.
Is it in her sighs? No, no, she’ll make believe.

Sorry, dude.

Ah, but if you wanna know, if she loves you so, it’s in her kiss.

Yep, that’s where it is. In her kiss.

We’re not talking about Moms, are we?

Or, is it in her face?

You can restart the hell that was “A WARNING for the guys…”

That’s where it is?

Check downunder.

I come from a land downunder.

I hear the women blow and the men chunder there.

Does anyone else hear thunder?

You are all wrong. Its in the touch. If she is not strangling you, then she loves you. And if she touches you there [Micheal Bolton]deep inside[/Micheal Bolton], then she really you. Thats the rule I go by.

No, we are talking MAMAs

and love between the brothers and the sisters

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Atleast I killed the monster I created.

No, no! That’s not the way! And you’re not listening to what we say!

Look, Hal, I know you think these are the worst of times. I do believe it’s true…