she kissed me, yada yada....UPDATE

Well, things between me and that gal are fair to partly cloudy.
But I seem to have a temporary roommate.

Met a charming couple from Indiana last night. Invited them over for refreshments.
They broke up in my apartment.

She has no way home, so I guess she’s here for a spell.

Go figure,

Soap Opera at TN’s place!

TN*hippie, you have a pretty exciting life. Is there ever a dull moment at your house?

Just want to warn you that Miss Kissy-face might not believe the reasons why you have some girl living with you. Even wonderful, incredible, open-minded, fantastic women can be a bit cautious about believing things that seem to you to be totally innocent, but seem a bit fishy.

I only mention this because a friend of mine just could not understand why his new relationship had a hard time accepting the fact that he had a stripper living with him (single mom, down on her luck, just needed a place to stay for a few weeks so she could get her kids back…why can’t the new girlfriend understand I’m just a big-hearted guy who wants to help a damsel in distress?) Then the stripper stole from him, told her boyfriend they’d slept together so boyfriend beat up my friend, then she accused my friend of molesting her child…and he wondered why new-girlfriend wanted no part of that scenario. But that’s a whole 'nother thread…

Hmm…TN, seems you are breaking that cold spell you were in!

You know, the OP sounds just like the plot of a sitcom. Or a movie. Or a porno. :wink:

So, your new roommate… Cute?

Cue the lame 70’s guitar music.

TN* is on a roll! From the outhouse to the penthouse, from famine to feast, in just a few short days.
Your stars must have come into alignment; at last, at last. :cool:

wakka-chikka wakka-chikka wakka-chikka
[enter baselilne]
bowmp bow bow bow bowmp