Does that say what I think it does?!?

Have you ever read a sentence and taken out of context, is so completely odd and bizarre that you can’t really believe what you read?

Or better still, have you ever written something rather odd and stopped to think, “I cannot believe I just wrote that down!”

In an email earlier today from tatertot, I read the sentence

Now, even knowing the context of this one, I still had to stop and say, “You know, I never thought I would ever read a sentence like that!”

Now, it’s your turn. Share!

Um, I think you already shared for me bethie-wethie.


"I’m here eating celery and getting into all sorts of strange positions while you smoke and sit on your behind "

Another Taterism.

Maybe this should just be about tater quotes we find to be odd! I’m sure plenty of people have some!

Ya know, tatertot is one of favorite posters.

[Stealthily inserts the word ‘my’ into spooje’s post so he doesn’t look like a dork. :p]

“why is there an antenna in the laundry?” (said to my then 6 year old son who had no reasonable answer…)

I’m constantly reading things quickly(and wrongly). I can’t think of any specifically, but I might read “we must have rapped all night” as “we must have raped all night.”
I think “wha…?” and then re-read it and giggle.

Thanks for the thought, but I always look like a dork.

“It’s just not fair…I do all the work while he just sits there” :eek:

Heard this upon entering my Mum’s place of work…stopped dead and considered running away before realising that it was an administrator complaining of her workload as compared to that of her boss :smiley:

“Our son’s defenestrating his toys.”

I dunno if they count, but a number of things that come out of MY mouth as a result of being a mother are bizarre.

“Don’t hit people with Superman.”

That one’s still my favorite.

“I’m looking forward to crutches next week.”

My friends and I have a mailing list we use to keep in touch. I and a nother girl go through the messages at the end of the year and take the best comments out of context and try to use them in a story. It is hilarious.

A personal favorite quote of mine:

I was doing payroll data entry last week, and someone had written a notation for one employee “Terminated. No autopsy.” which on closer reading turned out to be “Terminated. No autopay.” Two different things, let me tell you :smiley:
(I am also the worst lyric-understanding person in the world. It entertains my SO to no end to listen to me singing along with songs.)

Once, many years ago, I was sitting in my bedroom, when I heard my mother coming up the stairs behind our German Shepherd. To this day, she cannot explain what possessed her to say “Woofers and away, oh woof away.” We still laugh about it. :smiley:

I was talking on AIM to a girl from summer camp. We were talking about her hometown (Cinci) and, out of the blue, she said:

"Thank much; all over me was delete."

How about this exchange between a co-worker and I earlier today:

Me: (emphatic)“I want to marry you!”
Him: (surprised)"All this over a blue pumpkin?"

It’s a long story . . .
I wish I could find the link, but I once happened upon the webpage of a guy who kept track of the weirdest sentences and exchanges that came up in his and his friends’ conversations over the course of a year. It evolved into kind of a hobby for him, evidently. The result was pretty funny reading, even not knowing what spawned any of it.

Found it!

The Quote Book:

In college I was pouring a beer and a young lady said “if you tip it to the side you won’t get any head.” I laughed and poured it straight down into the glass. I still didn’t get any. Some girls are such teases.