Does the Cloverfield monster have a name?

Rather than ressurect the same Cloverfield thread yet again…

What do you call that amorphous CGi thing? What do you call those pesky little critters that fall off of it? Space-lice?

What does “Cloverfield” mean anyway? That name never gets mentioned in the film, other than a terse mention at the very beginning (this film is part of the ‘Top Secret military file’ codenamed Cloverfield).
And how the hell does a dippy Sex & the City wannabe manage to walk through miles of subway system in high heels??? (No, never mind that. Must. resist. urge. to. nitpick.)

The smaller ones are called “parasites.”



I think Cloverfield is the US Gov Park and Rec people codeword for Central Park

What, you didn’t have a problem with her climbing up 49 flights of stairs, too?

Not at all… after all, they were high heels. :wink:

Not after she successfully walked from Spring Street to 59th Street through the subway system, with creepy-crawlies chasing after her. If she can do that, in heels no less, and not be hobbling on bloody stumps…well, then she could do anything!

On IMDb, they were calling it Clovie. But in another SDMB thread, they were calling it Snookums.

I don’t really get all the hate for the yuppie type kids in the movie…I mean, I’d probably be wearing high heels and something nice, too, if I were at a party at an impossibly large apartment with a built in bar.

In another thread, I suggested Rodney, 'cause he gets no respect.
Rodney Cloverfield.

I like it. Of course, anything that spawns spiders and littler monsters wherever it goes tends to get respect from me…

The Central Park site is referred to in the film as US-477 (or some three-digit number, anyway).

In reality, “Cloverfield” is the name of a street near J.J. Abrams’ office. Within the film, it’s the government’s arbitrary designation for all information regarding the monster(s). Like the Manhattan Project, it’s meant not to have any obvious connection to what it’s really about.

Most of the previous paragraph is drawn from Wikipedia, so take it for what you will.

Why would the government have a code word for Central Park?

The military is quite fond of giving everything codewords.

It’s not really the code word for Central Park. It is the code word for the area that got hit with a monster attack and a strong military response. It is only coincidentally an area of Central Park.

And I’m calling it Snookums.

FWIW Clover Field was a U.S. Army air base up through the second World War. It was named for one Greayer Clover, a Los Angeles High School alumnus who, around 1917, volunteered as an ambulance driver, and later as a pilot, in France. He persuaded several of his classmates at Yale to join him.

After WWII the air base was changed to a civilian general aviation airport now known simply as Santa Monica Airport.

There’s still as street in the neighborhood called Cloverfield, and I think I’m the only one around here who knows the story of the name, which I got from a 1923 semi-annual from Los Angeles High that I happen to own.

True enough. But in the opening titles of the movie it’s pretty clear that Cloverfield is the code name for the monster. I’m guessing the reason why they mention that the site was “formerly known” as Central Park is to imply that they ended up bombing the shizzle out of the whole city. Which makes one wonder how one little SD card survived, but whatever. The whole thing was pretty dumb.

According to spoilers, Cloverfield does refer to Central Park. Clovers are prone to grow in areas that have been bombed. Hence Central Park becoming a cloverfield.

Kind of cool, really. Though it might be a bad thing that so much of understanding what’s happening really depends on paying attention to the viral marketing. Without it there are so many questions. JJ does that with Lost too, such as those damn numbers.

You can’t always trust spoilers.

The “area formerly known as ‘Central Park’” is called “Incident Site U.S. 447” while Cloverfield refers to “the case.” This is revealed in the first few seconds of the film and in this preview: