Does the shopping channel QVC own the products they sell?

As I scanned around the channels and noticed the shopping channel QVCwas selling a fairly high end Dooney & Bourke handbag (as typical consumer level hand bags go) and wondered if they have purchased these bags from Dooney & Bourke for re-sale like a typical retailer or do they have some deal with Dooney & Bourke simply to act as the sales front end and the bags stay on Dooney & Bourke’s inventory until sold?

How does this typically work with these shopping channel retailers?

As side note it did make we wonder how exclusive Dooney & Bourkeshould considered if they’re pimping their stuff on QVC. It took them down a peg or two in terms of my perception about how premium a product they were.

Former QVC employee checking in here (although not one that was ever directly involved in this type of vendor transaction, and I haven’t worked there in about five years).

Short answer: it varies.

Sometimes the item ships directly from the vendor (although in a QVC box). Sometimes the product is shipped by the vendor to a QVC warehouse and then shipped by QVC to you from their warehouse.

…but you “bought” the product from QVC, the return policy is QVC’s, and you usually return the product to a QVC warehouse even though it didn’t originate there.