Does this board do weird auto-corrects?

Not really appropriate in About This Board, IMHO…

Does anyone else experience strange word-changes when they post? I write pretty much all day, mostly on my central tasks but occasionally over here in the browser, and I am not prone to mistyping words. I catch 99% of typoes and misspellings because it’s what I do, and I don’t have any habits of typing wrong words.

But in nearly every post here, and in many I see, there are ‘wrong words’ like *then *for the, *one *for on, *every *for *ever *and even more outlandish examples. I am pretty sure I am not mistyping and missing the mistake - I don’t see it in any of the open long documents I’m working on - but there they are in any 2 out of 3-4 posts I make. And, as I said, I see this kind of error in others’s posts as well.

Does anyone else experience this? (Carefully proofs post and reaches for the submit button…)

No, that never happens to me. But when I see an autocorrect it makes me let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff in it.

No, the board doesn’t do any kind of auto-correcting, but whatever browser you’re using might be.

Agreed, it’s most likely your browser.

Yes, I think on the Mac there’s even a system-wide autocorrect available to programs. I’ve had things corrected in my text editor, for example. But it’s probably the browser.

(Is there a way to manage or purge the local auto-correct lists? I don’t want it learning my mistakes…)


Not sure why you think it’s not an ATMB question; I’m moving it thither (from MPSIMS).

I’ve run into something similar to the OP on multiple machines, platforms and browsers–even a fresh install, so I doubt it’s any malignant software.

I often type out intelligent, insightful and humorous posts only to have them converted to insipid bits of lukewarm gibberish.

I donut thing theaters auto collect on these bored.

Keep trying! Sooner or later, one of the good ones will make it!

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