Does this board trend older?

I know on this board I feel like a kid, really really young compared to everyone else.

But on other boards I feel ancient, like really old.

I mean people here remember being kids in the 50s:eek:

For the record I am 30.

Probably. A lot of us came here because of the books and the newspaper column. The books were big and passed around when I was in high school. And newspapers aren’t exactly popular nowadays. If I was young right now I’m not sure how I would have ever heard of the straight dope. I’m 46.

Get off my lawn!

I’ve been on this board 15 years! I was younger back then.

I found the board through google searches for various issues, it came up an awful lot. Then I fell in love with the death to woo ideal of the board.

I’m trending older every year. so far.

There’s a saying common among expats in Thailand, and that is: “You’re only as old as the girl at the end of your arm.”

Of course, the wife is only two years younger than I am, so in my case that’s not much difference.

I’m consistently amazed at how many old farts inhabit this board. For example, this guy just turned 170! :eek:

My favorite variant is, “You’re only as young as who you feel.” :slight_smile:

Didn’t work for Jimmy Savile.

A couple of previous polls.

I suspect the number of people attracted here by the books is a tiny fraction of those who arrived via Google,, AOL and the like.

30? 30?! I’ve got shoes that old. Looks down; I think I’m wearing them.

I just recently stumbled upon this site, while I was seeking information for something. I have been on websites before, however, I find this one refreshing.

Even though it seems most on this site are a lot smarter than I, I still love to read the threads.

FYI I just turned 48. :frowning:

You too? I thought it was just me…

The google spiders are relatively recent.

For a mayfly I am very old.
For a redwood tree I am very young.
For a human being I am just right.

Yeah, but the website isn’t and it was linked from lots and lots of others back in the day.

I’m old enough to have shoes that old but, unlike my father, I never bought a really well made pair and then almost never wore them. Or if I did, I got tired of them taking up space and sent them to a thrift shop.

So I don’t have shoes that old, while one of my kids inherited a pair of navy blue velvet dress shoes, because his feet were the right size. I came here because I had a question and Neil Gaiman’s blog, which I was following at the time, listed the site as a place to go to ask questions.

For that matter, do the kids “do” message boards anymore?

I thought message boards were the province of internet dinosaurs.

Well, maybe that’s what kids become when they grow up and leave their larval stage behind them.