Does this count as ignorance?

One of the waitresses where I work got an unusual tip yesterday. A Klu Klux Klan card. No kidding. This thing is a miniature confederate flag with ‘The Invisible Empire’ ‘Knights of The Klu Klux Klan’ ‘Knights of The Round Table’ and ‘Soldiers of God’ written on it. I just don’t get kluckers. Why do they insist on using a perfectly legitimate flag for a hate flag. and how on earth do they think they are ‘soldiers of God’? Round table? What are they talking about? Who knighted a bunch of white trash in the name of hate, ignorance and stupidity?

Oh and if you want to write them a letter here’s the address:

P.O. Box 16590
Lake Charles, La.

Please no redneck jokes, I am a redneck. These people are white trash there is a difference.

I’d say that is a big yup that is ignorance on the ignoramis meter. But seriously what do you expect when incest happens? It’s a bad idea when cousins marry…

I knew someone for several weeks (work aquaintance.) I liked him. He was smart, courteous, and funny. We had lunch together at a diner, and he handed me one of those cards out of the blue. I was dumbstruck. I asked him if he was a member. When he said he was, I got up & left without a word.

Never said one word to him again.

What was scary, was him thinking I would be receptive to this shit.

Any douchebag who thinks a waitress would prefer a card for a tip rather than money has GOT to be ignorant!

TMTG, could you please show how your statement relates to the OP?

Actually it’s even kinda insulting to white trash. Bottom feeders who push this kind of blind hate come from all kinds of backgrounds. We’re having an outbreak locally of a white supremacist group stuffing hate literature into library books. It started in the most affluent, yuppie Stepford community around.

They were shocked, shocked that something like THAT could happen “here”, as if money and social status were some sort of vaccination.

My opionion: it isn’t ignorance. It’s worse. It’s a deliberate choice to hate.