Does this FPS mod exist?

Last night, I dreamed that I was playing a first-person shooter (a bit odd already, since I very seldom play them in waking life, and not at all recently). The game in the dream was set in a relatively non-descript zone, I think it was an office building or something like that, but it had been modded: Whenever you killed an opponent, they dropped a rocket launcher and about ten rockets. Similarly, all of the destructible objects in the environment, when destroyed, yielded more rockets. All other power-ups and weapons were also replaced by rockets. You want a medpack? No, sorry, that’s a rocketpack. I think there were also nonviolent animals in the game, too, and you can guess what you got if you killed them.

Obviously, the net effect of all of this was much the same as if the rocket launcher just had infinite ammo (which would probably be an even easier mod), but somehow, that just seems to defeat the purpose.

So, does a mod like this exist for any of the standard FPS games? It seems like exactly the sort of thing that’d be out there somewhere.

It would be trivially easy to create this mod in almost any FPS. Post it in a modding forum for the game of your choice and someone could create it within a few hours.

Oh, sure, I know that someone could make it. I’m just wondering if anyone already has. I’m motivated by curiosity here, not by an actual desire to play it.

Unreal Tournament has mutators that allow you to disable weapon pickups you don’t want, set players to start with a specific weapon and make them drop weapons and ammunition when they die, which seems like it would give the same result.