Does this joke work for you?

Recently I was watching an episode of The Golden Girls and was shocked at how everybody in the room (about six people) understood this somewhat raunchy joke. I’d have thought you’d have to have had the experience yourself at some point in your life in order to understand the punchline.

Here’s the joke:

Dorothy and a male neighbor have been arguing over something and eventually come to an agreement. The neighbor makes the following conciliatory gesture:

For the record, this exact thing happened to me when I was younger (I was at a friend’s house and some male bathrobe-wearing resident did a reverse-bend-over in my line of site), so I immediately got the joke.

I’m wondering if I would have gotten it if I had never had that experience.

The video is on you tube. If you want to watch the exchange, fast-forward to 18:35.

Or you could just watch this link embedded to the time.
The joke is that his robe sometimes comes open and they get a peek at him, right? I guess the joke works, but it isn’t even subtle to me and this has NEVER occurred in my life.

That’s not quite what happens… so I might be right in that it’s hard to visualize the set-up without having had the experience yourself.

How short is his robe? Is something falling out of his shorts? Or maybe there’s just a tear in it?

Why don’t you just tell us what happens instead of being vague? Put it in a spoiler box if you must.

Too late to edit:

This is what happens (risqué pic but should be SFW in most places). Just imagine a guy instead of a girl. A bathrobe would be lower, but you would still get a good shot of the boys.

I assumed that was what they were going for, but I can’t think of any bathrobe I have that would do that–they’re all too long.

I’m not sure I understand why the Original Post even exists. The joke is obvious to anyone who speaks English.


It took me a second, but I finally got it. At first, I though she (being a horny old woman) was asking him to wear shorts instead of trousers so she could get a good peek at his business. Now I realize she meant just the opposite.

Maybe he’s an exhibitionist, or maybe he just has this problem: :smiley:

This got me thinking. Maybe the joke doesn’t work any more because it’s too dated. Bathrobes in the 80’s were a lot shorter (circa mid-thigh) in the 80’s than they are these days. The ones I see on Amazon now appear to come down to mid-calf.

People must be afraid to show their knees in their own houses.

Not trousers, pajamas.

There! That makes a lot more sense! :slight_smile:

Of course there is another implication in the joke:

There is one, small thing

Dick jokes never go out of style.

And how is that different than ‘the robe comes up and they get a peek at him’? Aside from the fact it’s a woman who’s actually wearing underwear in that picture.

I haven’t had the exact situation happen (e.g. with a bathrobe, etc.), but I had an overweight roommate who wore the most raggedy-ass gitch while wandering through the house, and we all agreed that it would be a wonderful favour if he started wearing something else.

Also, keep in mind this happens in Miami? not Minnesota. Long robes in the deep south are a little more rare down here.

I assume it has nothing to do with the length of the robe, but rather whether or not it’s tied shut properly or not - which can often be an issue. If he’s not wearing shorts (boxers) and the front of his robe pops open, they’re getting an eyeful.

Or the longer ones are more cozy/warmer. I only wear a bathrobe in the winter, and then it’s almost down to my ankles because I’m cold! I never saw robes that short…

but yes, obviously I figured out what the joke is supposed to mean.

It’s so obvious I’m not even sure you need to speak English.

It doesn’t work for me in the sense that it’s not funny.

Are you referring to post #2? It’s different in that the post said "the robe comes open, not up. Picture this: Old man walks out on his front lawn, bends over to pick up the newspaper, causing the boys to drop down below the hem of the robe.
Think of Miss Mann in Scary Movie 2, if you’ve seen that movie.

Yeah I thought the butt of the joke was she was saying he had a small dick.

It wasn’t to me either but I didn’t watch the video so maybe there was some context lost.