Does this make any sense to you? Online mail based on your real address.

Online services let cities bypass the mailbox
“Last week, the city of San Francisco sent its first letter to residents using Zumbox, a secure e-mail service that allows senders to contact people online using their street address, which regular e-mail doesn’t do.
If the experiment catches on with even a fraction of the population, San Francisco could save a chunk of the $3 million it spent last fiscal year on postage and associated labor costs. Although the service typically costs 5 cents per e-mail, Zumbox is not charging the city.”

What’s odd is that it recreates all the trouble regular mail forwarding causes- the new tenant gets and tosses your mail because it’s sent to an address. Regular email follows you, but this half-and-half system won’t.

Plus, it looks like Zumbox will let anyone spam all mailboxes in any area for 5cents per item. So you will get much more junk mail than you do now at postal rates.

An invention we didn’t need. I just hope it never catches on enough to bother with.

That’s interesting. I like the “replacing paper mail” part, but I don’t like the “yet another email address to check” part.

I’d rather just be able to sign up with my city/county/whatever and get emails from them the way I already do from my bank.

Wow, and I thought Earth Class Mail was a cool idea. I hate snail mail, the hassle of remembering to check a physical mailbox and the reams of garbage that gets piled up in there.

It would be fine if they outlawed spam. The 5 cent fee is not enough deterrent.
I wonder if they have an option to forward stuff to your regular email so you don’t have another thing to check. A a way to filter crap with a “Do not accept Occupant mail” option.

Really, though, since I get all my bills paid online now, efile taxes, get voicemail from friends, nobody sends me real mail. I can’t think of a single thing I want in the real mail except Netflix disks, and that will go away when all their movies can be viewed on my TV