Does this product exist and what would I call it?

I got new glasses back in August. The frames are gold toned, and where the ear rests sit on my ears, the gold tone stuff is wearing off. This is creating a problem because I’m apparently having an allergic reaction to whatever’s under the stuff.

What I’m looking for is some kind of thin sheath or covering that I could put over the earpieces so that I don’t get this reaction. Plastic would be ideal.

Does anyone make such a product and is there a specific name for it? Even better, where could I buy them, because this is itchy as anything!

I don’t know if they exist, but if they did, I’d call them

Condoms for your glasses - practice safe specs!


Ezy-Care Eyeglass Arm Cushions

These look like just the ticket.

Stop in at Radio Shack or other electronics supply store and pick up a piece of shrink tubing. It’s a heat-sensitive plastic used for insulating wires. Slip the tubing over the part of your glasses you want to cover, then heat it with a hot blow dryer (or waving a lit match or lighter under it) and the tubing will shrink to cover and fit the glasses as snug as a skin.

Thanks y’all!

I knew the dopers would know.

Lsura, you don’t even have to go to Radio Shack. My brother got his glasses shrinkwrapped at the eye doctor. Nickel allergies are common enough that they know how to wrap glasses so you don’t rot through them. They might have to be sent out, but it should only take a couple of days.

There is also a liquid dip that is made for coating tool handles. It dries on exposure to air. But you would have to buy a whole can of it.

There’s also good ol’ fashioned clear nail polish…

I know a number of people who use clear nail polish on rings and watches that they are reacting too.

Former LensCrafters Lab Manager here. In some stores (LC likes to tranfer its managers a lot, grr), the opticians should be able to put a clear plastic tube on the temples of your glasses, and heat shrink it down. In the future, buy only stainless steel or titanium frames. Most metal frames contain nickel, which is what is reacting with your skin.