HELP!! Looking for eyeglass frames.

Having to wear glasses is a pain. I have worn them for about 15 years now, and only once have I had a comfortable frame. Every frame I have had either slides down my nose, or when adjusted tight enough to not slide, hurts my ears. Contacts are not an option due to my employment. I have also tried the pads on the ears, and they help, but are not the best solution.

I am looking for a frame that has the springy earpiece that curls around your ear (similar to what Radar wore on M.A.S.H.) None of the local opticians have them, and Pearle Vision said they don’t have them either. I know they were made at one time, because my first pair of glasses had them (but my dog chewed them up). Any information will be appreciated. Please help end my pain. :cool:

I used to have sunglasses in frames such as you describe. IIRC, they are called “cable temples”.

Here are several linkes from a Yahoo search for “cable temples”

My husband, the optician, concurs with GaryM: they’re cable temples. He says that some places call them “Ray-ban style cable temples” because Ray-Ban makes sunglasses with them. You should probably call around to optical shops to see if they would be willing to order them. They are kind of hard to get.

I work at an optical shop, and may I suggest “Silhouette” frames? They’re made of bendable titanium and they don’t have hinges at the corners. If you can’t find the ones you want, you might try looking at these, because they seem to be very comfortable (I don’t have them, but my dad does, and we sell an amazing amount of them at work.)

Thanks for all the replies. Cable temples, that’s the name! I will also check out the Silhouette frames. Thank you all.