Does This Thread Make Me Look Fat?

Tell the truth. I can take it. Sure, I spent a few hours picking out this thread and frankly I think it looks nice, but maybe my judgment’s not so good. And I’d hate to be caught in a thread that makes my ass look wide(r than it is).

So be honest. You know, I was in that other thread the other day and looked like the back end of a Guernsey heifer, and did any of you tell me so? No. And frankly I was a little hurt that you wouldn’t tell me, that you’d just let me go out like that.

Do I look fat in this?

Do I?

aww Jodi, you are sooo PHAT in this thread. :slight_smile:

Hun, size 0 spandex wouldn’t make you look fat. You’re mahvelous. Have you been working out?

You look fa…uh…ine… Yeah, you look fine!

[knockoff of a joke response]

No, the fact that your ass is as big as our file cabinet makes you look fat.


In actuality, dear, you look lovely. But then I always say that, so there’s no point in asking me. I’d say that if you were wearing a burlap sack.

But then I like how you looked in that other thread, too, so there you have it.

You are beautiful and have many wonderful qualities.

No, it’s not the thread that does it, it’s the beer and pizza.:smiley:

That’s what my bloke & I say to each other, anyway.

[quoting some comedian I saw last week on TV]

No, honey, I love you! Of course I think you’re attractive! I’ll never stop being attracted to you!

Besides, c’mon, it’s not like I’ve never nailed a fat girl before! I mean, come on, this is America and I’m a heavy drinker!


You look great!

No, no, not fat at all,
Now buy it and let’s go home.

< taking the low road >

No, it’s your head that makes you look that way!

A Guernsey heifer? Not at all. A Jersey, maybe.

You know I never answer this question right. It’s all “Do I look fat” and I say “No”, and you say “You hesitated! I really do look fat, don’t I? Why can’t you say it?” and I’m all “No, really, you don’t! I swear! I’d tell you the truth” and you’re like “You don’t know how to tell the truth! Don’t make me bring up 1997!”

Let’s face it, the romance is gone.

That would be Greg Giraldo, in his Comedy Central Special.

And, no, Jodi, this thread makes you look bee-you-tee-ful!

Skerri, virtual encyclopedia of comedians.

I guess I’m going to be the ONLY ONE here to answer honestly. Really, people.

Jodi, hon. The thread doesn’t make you look fat. However, it really doesn’t do anything for your bust. You might want to consider something with a little [whisper] padding [/whisper].

Oh wait, I have another one!

No, that thread doesn’t make you look fat. All of the threads combined couldn’t make you look fat!

I like the cut, dear, but a word of caution: there are very few people who can pull off horizontal stripes. Maybe if it came in a nice houndstooth check?

Hee hee! I was gonna post that. I knew I read that somewhere on here. CLASSIC line! :smiley:

Well, you know what they say about horizontal lines…

Not so much, but you know, those shades of gray and purple really aren’t your colors…