Does Trump have a stake in any companies that do actual manufacturing...

and if so, were any of them hit by Trump’s tariffs? How about his family?

Just wonder if he’s let it hit his own bottom line.

I don’t think so, but don’t really know.

I did read today that his ‘Trump 2020’ banners are currently being produced by the thousands at a factory in China.

Can’t help wondering if those will face tariffs?

His daughter has a stake in some Chinese clothing companies, which are exempt from the tariffs.

yesterday she announced she is shutting down her clothing/shoe company.

We have almost no public disclosure about Trump’s financial affairs but I don’t think there is any indication that any material investment is in manufacturing.

You can see some disclosure about Jared and Ivanka’s finances here but, broadly, their assets appear to be real estate, licensing deals, book advances/royalties, and run-of-the-mill mutual funds and ETFs. Nothing I saw on the list screams “manufacturer” or “foreign entity.”

I don’t think Ivanka had any “stake” in Chinese clothing manufacturers. Her clothing line seemingly bought clothes from them or hired them to make clothes. That doesn’t give her a stake in the enterprise any more than I have a stake Chipotle because I ate a burrito yesterday.