Does your GMail account send a message after each login?

This gets quite annoying. Litters my Inbox.
New sign-in from Firefox on Windows

there’s a date & time stamp in the email indicating the login. Got two in less than 24 hours. One at 9AM Sunday when I logged in and then this morning, Monday at 4:30 AM.

Does your GMail do this too? Any way to turn it off?

I use this account sporadically. Sometimes I may go three weeks without logging in. Then I may use it daily for a week. Depends on my schedule. The account is for my music lessons. I have places like Jamplay linked to it.

We have GMail at work, but it’s a managed account. Never, ever got this “New Sign In” notification on that account before.

Yeah, didn’t used to but it’s some kind of new-ish security thing they started. I’m sure there’s a way to turn it off but I haven’t bothered to check.

Do you keep clearing your cache or never save cookies? I only get the notice when my browser is “new” to my Google signon, which only happens if I’ve had to clear my cache for some reason. I sign into two different accounts regularly from home, work and phone. The message never comes up unless one of those browsers lost a cookie for some reason and I have to re-type usernames and passwords, or when a password has been changed.

:slight_smile: That’s it then. Yes, I have CCleaner set to clean my cache and wipe history every time my pc boots. That’s usually every morning because I shut it down every night.

I guess I need to set up an exception so Google’s cookie doesn’t get deleted. I did the same thing here at the SDMB so I wouldn’t have to keep signing in.