Dog breeding question

What happens if you breed a yellow lab with a black lab? What colour are the puppies?

Chocolate? Seems unlikely.

I have never seen a “mottled” lab so I suspect it would end up as one or the other. And I can’t recall ever seeing a “lab mix” in any colour other than black or chocolate, so my guess is that the dark colours are dominant.

So is it one of those where you’d get a litter of all black the first time, and then if you bred those together you’d get some black and some yellow?

You’d get a mix. Some would be yellow, some black, maybe even a light yellow almost white one. Happens all the time for people who are not straight up breeders. As a matter of fact, my uncle in VT has a breeding pair of labs. Mom is yellow, dad is black.

All three colors ( chocolate, black and yellow ) can appear in the same litter. So they aren’t distinct breeds - just different color varieties within the breed.

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