Doggone! Well, mostly gone.

Dog gets stuck in a tree for 60 years, becomes a mummy and museum exhibit.

I like how they named the dog “Stuckie”.

Well, I. Havemada Terriblemistake was already taken.

“Hey guys, I’ma need a chainsaw…and a clean pair of shorts.”

Hi! My name is Stopthat!

I remember people had much different feelings about dogs 50 years ago. A badly injured one got put down and you got another dog. Vets only treated minor injuries and illnesses.

This hunting dog got trapped in a tree. No practical way to get it free. The dog would die anyway if the tree was chopped down.

So, it was left entombed and became a mummy.

That practical attitude reminds me a lot of older people that I knew growing up.

There is no reason to assume that the owners knew that the dog was in the tree.

I think this is an overly simplistic summary of veterinary care 50 years ago. If you read James Herriott, you will find a number of stories that document that people often did a lot more than put down sick or injured animals. Vets did a lot more than treat minor injuries or illnesses.

Some people do have the attitude you describe, even today, but I think it’s part of a societal spectrum, and doesn’t represent all of it by any stretch.

Jesus that first photo is terrifying.

Something doesn’t add up. From the photos, I’d guess the tree itself isn’t 60 years old. I’d bet the dog hasn’t been in it for more than a few years.

The story says that the dog got stuck around 1960 and that his mummy was discovered 20 years later. The tree has been in “Southern Forest World” (some kind of museum?) ever since. It’s not at all clear why it is becoming a story this week.