Dogs and sex?

This really sounds like a bad thread waiting to happen, but the question is not as interesting as it could be. hah. No hints of beastiality here, just a simple curious question.

I want to know if dogs engage in oral sex.
I know they procreate by sexual activity but do they engage in oral activity just for the pleasure? I know this could be a simple answer, but I don’t have any idea.


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No but I saw a poodle giving a handjob to a German Shepard once…

Hehe j/k

Subordinate dogs will often roll over on there backs, and the dominate ones will sniff and lick their genitals. I have seen my Doberman lick his share of doggy pecker at the dog park. There is nothing sexual about it. The same way dogs of the same sex or female dogs will hump each other, to show dominance.

Also when my dog licks himself he does not seem to take pleasure in it, it seems like a function.

Hey I wonder if dogs (or any other animals besides humans) engage in anal sex? For some reason I doubt it.

by oldscratch

Oh. My. God.

True story.

I once worked construction. We were remodling a kitchen. The families teenage son walked in and said, “Watch out the window”. A cat from their neighbors yard jumped the fence, raised it’s tail and the family’s dog promptly mounted it.

After much merth, the kid says, " The kicker is that it’s a male cat! He comes over all the time."

The mom walked in not amused saying, “Don’t show them that!!!”

Homosexual interspieces sex?

Nothing sexual about it although it is a funny story. the dog was showing dominance, telling the cat “I am the boss, you are my bitch!”

There was fucking. But it wasn’t sexual fucking. hmm…

He said that he MOUNTED him, not PENETRATED him. I am assuming the same way a dog humps your leg, which is not fucking. I could be wrong about what he was trying to say.

I understand dominance, but like today, my larger dog laid on the couch beside my fiancee and she smaller dog lay in her lap. The larger is a male hound and the smaller is a female peeka-pug. She began liking at his stomach and he got a “red rocket” and she sat and licked it for a good 5 minutes or so. Was she showing dominance? or are they just perverts?

I am assuming that your dog did not ejaculate and therefore did not have an orgasm. So I am guessing it was just dominance, even though your dog got a “Red Rocket” (LMAO) My dog sometimes gets a red rocket for no apparent reason.

Of course I could be wrong.

Did you turn to your fiance, point to the dogs and say “See!!! See!!! That’s how you do it!”?