Doh Finding A New Job Is So Hard

I was made redundant two weeks ago on Wednesday. I worked though an agency for a company as a PA to the Director for one year.

It has now been two weeks and all I seem to do is fill in application forms.

Any ideas. ??? I need the money am running out fast. The bills still need to get paid.

ANy advice would be welcome.


No ideas here. Got laid off 14 months ago… and still looking. :frowning:

Sure, I could find a job in ten minutes, but working at McD’s or Safeway isn’t going to pay the bills.

Laid off for three weeks, here.

One bad sign from yesterday: I was in WallMart to buy some more resume paper, and they were all out! Talk about an abysmal measure of the economy.

I was unemployed for four months - my biggest advantage was that I was willing to move anywhere in the country. Had I kept looking in Alabama, I’d not have found much.

Now I get to live in Denver and see the Rockies from my desk. :slight_smile: Woo!

Ahem, sorry for the celebration there. My advice is make use of every job search engine you can, network among groups with like interests, and - if possible - be open to relocation (possibly at your own expense).

Have you considered applying to a temporary help agency? Besides finding short term jobs in a hurry, many companies hire temps to full time positions if they like their work. Hope this helps, good luck to everyone.