Dollhouse 12/11

Ugh, my local FOX feed crapped out for about 15 minutes. Anyone who’s watching care to tell what I’ve missed. I lost it right around the time the Echo said it was time to go back to the Dollhouse and came right back in when Echo and the Mexican woman were thrown in a room.

Echo had a plan to spring the Mexican woman by giving her a drug that simulated near-death for four minutes, then basically blackmailed the Sheriff into letting Echo dispose of the ‘body’ to keep her from blowing the whistle on the abuses going on in the jail. Unfortunately, it took more than four minutes to get through all the security doors, and the jig was up.

Meanwhile, another couple of absolutely crackerjack episodes, including, in the second one, the return of an ever-more dapper but no less insane Alpha.

I recall Whedon had promised to work in some of the themes broached in “Epitaph One”, and sure enough, we begin to see the groundwork being laid for remote imprinting and zombie armies. Whee!

Line of the night: “Who doesn’t like a pun?” KABOOM

Blast you, El_Kabong, I came here to gush over that line, too!

We all know Dewitt was thinking that the suit was awesome.

SO - Did DeWitt actually kill the other guy? How did she get back in control of the house?

I imagine they’ll never bring the character back, but Chris Nolan should look long and hard at Alan Tudyk for The Joker.

She gave Harding Topher’s secret plans for the chairless imprinting tech, which was what he was after anyhow. Harding is from Rossum and probably had no interest in the day-to-day running of a House (which is why he was keeping Adelle around) so once he got what he wanted he gave control of the House back to her. After all, now that he has the ability to imprint anyone at anytime, he’s not really giving up control of anything.

The second episode was better than the first, but over all the episodes are better as the series winds down.

I’m confused… I thought they released Sierra? Didn’t she kill the guy who had her put in against her will? When did she go back?

I actually quite liked “You’re the coldest bitch on the planet.”

Incidentally, is it wrong that I think Dewitt is the hottest character on this show?

Topher released Sierra–with her original identity, Priya. She chose to visit the guy who’d had her put into the Dollhouse, to taunt him. He turned violent & she ended up killing him in self defense. Boyd & Topher turned up; Topher followed Boyd’s instructions to dispose of the corpse. They planted evidence to indicate the Dead Guy had fled across the Border.

Priya returned to the Dollhouse & became Sierra again. For protection, in case someone decided to investigate Dead Guy’s disappearance. To forget that she’d killed someone–not something the innocent artist Priya could laugh off, even if he was a raping bastard who was trying to kill her. And because Victor was there; the Dollhouse has not been able to erase their love.

If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Unflattering haircut this season, though.

I’m not sure I can explain this exactly the way I want, but despite her overall reptilian character, I found myself feeling sorry for DeWitt when she had been demoted and humiliated by Harding. When her plan to get herself back in control was revealed, however, I felt like I was being berated by that Swedish guy in the famous Ikea ‘lamp’ commercial. “You are crazy! It has no feelings! And the other one is better anyway!”

Anyone else notice Samson:Hair::DeWitt:lip gloss? They really went out of their way to make her monochromatic and dull when she was under the Rossum thumb.

I was hoping she had some master plan with her leaking the specs, but for now it seems she was being honest when she said she just wants to be on the winning side. Of course that whole bit with Topher and her puts an interesting spin on what we saw in Epitaph One.

So, do they have a Ballard module, or would they have to capture Alpha and extract Ballard from his head to re-brainify him?

A couple of things didn’t make sense to me - why did Ballard and Boyd trust Topher so easily? He’s consistently shown himself to be pretty self-centered and amoral.

Also, maybe I missed something, but it seemed to me that Ballard-in-Alpha stopped Echo from killing him. . . in order to tell her to kill him. Which made her not want to kill him.

But regardless of any plot deficiencies, all is balanced out by that shot of Ballard taking off his shirt. Does Tahmoh Penikett do nothing but act and work out? YOWZA!

I think they’re leaving this ambiguous for us to guess and fret over – was Alpha being sly and manipulative, or does the Ballard composite have a small amount of control over Alpha?

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that part of the scene has Ballard’s voice dubbed over Alpha’s. Plus they did that blur effect they use for Echo when she’s accessing skills/information from other personalities. So I’m thinking it was was actually Ballard’s personality.

But did she? I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave Harding a doctored version of Topher’s plans to get her position; it seems very much out of character for her to give them the actual plans (and to treat Topher the way she did when he found out; he reaction seemed basically to be, “Mind your own business, Mr. Spock. I’m tired of your halfbreed intereference.”).

I told my SO the same thing, and the “Blast” joke really set it in stone for me.

I’m very glad that Joss is getting a chance to actually wrap up this show and bring it to a satisfying end. I guess Fox is doing it right this time.

For some reason Echo meeting Ballard was just completely lost on my recording of this. It was like, she was fighting the cop, Galena got arrested and suddenly she’s a nurse. I didn’t get how any of that happened.

No, that’s exactly what happened; you didn’t miss a thing. She mentions in passing that one of her personas (I think the Patton Oswalt character’s wife) had been a nurse. We never see her meeting Ballard.

I actually kind of liked the fact that the plot is moving along at such a nice clip.

Not to mention the sequins when she got back. I don’t normally notice clothes, but they’re really part of the characters.

Don’t forget Alpha in that little t-shirt. Really, all the episodes should feature him in a little t-shirt, or a 3-piece suit. Or both.