Domino's "Oreo Pizza" ads - WTF?!

…or time for another “commercials you love to hate” thread. Heh.

In case you haven’t seen the Domino’s Oreo Pizza ads, it pitches their latest dessert offering, a “pizza” made with crushed up oreo cookies. Apparently, any male that eats it gets some sort of facial “hair” - hair that is made up of the crushed up oreos. In the one ad I’ve seen, a man and his teen son are shown - the older man has (at first) a mustache; the teen has a slim 'stache. Then the father’s changes into a goatee, then a full beard, then a -really- full beard. All made up of crushed up oreos. It is truly bizarre!

Oreo pizza? Meh. If I want a dessert pizza, I’ll go to Cici’s.

Mmmmmm…flour, sugar, chocolate and lard!!! In pizza form! GENIUS!!!

It’s better than the Fudgems ad…right?

I hate you! They always show those commercials, but there isn’t even a Cici’s anywhere in this state! Its cruel and unusual punishment to be taunted so! :mad:

You’re not missing much.

But I wouldn’t know, would I? All I hear is cheap pizza buffet, and then my hopes are dashed upon the very rocks.