Domino's needs to fire their advertising company

Weren’t they the ones who had the nasty fudgems comnercials? Well now they have an oreo pizza thingy and the commercial had a guy with a nasty looking cookie crumb drizzled with white stuff mustache. Blech!

Then the 'stache morphs into a goatee, then a full beard. It’s not just the ad agency that should be fired; I’d fire whoever dreamed up such a disgusting product.

I actually find that commercial kinda funny. A little gross, yeah, but the actors play it off nice and deadpan.

I figure they’re trying to spin it. They came up with this disgusting dessert thing but discovered during testing that it leaves a sticky residue on your face. No problem, they can incorporate it into the ad and make it seem like a positive. Ugh. But then, I actually like real food and am probably not the market for this crap.

Looks absolutely disgusting to me, as well, but at a local music message board I frequent, I was surprised at the near universal interest in the product and the commercial. My brother, who actually shares much of my tastes in food, also seemed intrigued by the idea.

So, from those anecdotal responses, it seems the advertising company is hitting its target market and doing fine.

Its definitely a trend in ad’s, to associate products with something disgusting. Anyone seen the new Skittles Ad?

What. The. Fuck.

Was that directed by David Cronenberg or something?

Dear God.

Who else could it be?

Wuh Duh Fuh?

You know what this is, don’t you? Some advertising company pitched that ad on the hoary and vapid old myth that ‘But they’ll remember it, so it’s a great advert’.

No idea, but the actor who’s being “milked” is actually David Groh, who played Rhoda Morgenstern’s husband, Joe, in the 70’s.

First thing that came into my head when I saw that commercial was, “Dirty Sanchez?!?!” :eek:

FTR, here’s how to do a good “WTF?” commercial:

I hate commercials where people have food on their faces! It absolutely turns my stomach. Even the one where the guy is cleaning up all the Cheetos on the floor and the little kid runs by with the orange face. puke

Never have and never will eat a Domino’s pizza, but I love this commercial and the Fudgems (or whatever) one, too. They’re so surreal, they mesmerize me.

I can’t even watch these. I turn the channel when they come on. And I like slasher movies.

It reminds me of this, which makes me happy.


Maybe they make their commercials deliberately shitty to match their pizza.

Yeah. It’s a visceral reaction I have to food-on-face. Makes me heave. Don’t know why. Can’t you even feed yourself without smearing shit all over your face, you fucking sub-human?


I don’t plan on ever eating the product (which sounds horrid) but the commercial cracked me up.

Well it’s not a real commercial (it was made by an ad agency to get more work) but it’s still freakin’ hilarious if not a bit WTF.

“Hey! You’re hot and I feel great, let’s get married!”