Donald Trump and the (recent) rape allegations against him

I am not attempting to slander(libel) Donald Trump. Have any of you heard the recent revelations that not only is Trump mentioned in the Jeffrey Epstein files, but that specific rapes done by Trump are in there? This seems like if it were true, it would dominate the news much more than if Biden is too old, etc.

Now, I looked this up for myself after having seen it trend on Twitter and come up other places online. I found the following.

I am hearing that Trump’s name is all over the recently released transcripts you can read about here.

Does anyone know anything more about this? I know that he has several other accusations from adults and was found, in a civil trial, to have raped one of them.

The thing I keep hearing is so shocking is that the rapes apparently in the transcript are all of children, teenagers mainly.

If this is the case, how are we not hearing more about this? Is it just fake news?

You seem to be forgetting that Joe Biden is old and looks old and is old, and the media has decided that that’s the only story that matters right now.

Other than that I have no answer and have been wondering the same thing, because there’s literally videotape of some of these women testifying about what Rapist Donald did to them.

How is Donald Trump raping someone news? A crime yes, but its just a new spin on old news.

Well, this appears to be the documents. It appears to be mostly scans, though, not textual, which makes it rather a job to sift through all of it.

My understanding is that the claim is eight years old, already dropped once, and that news organizations that went looking could not substantiate the existence of such of a person.

“TrumpPedoFiles” has been trending on Twitter since yesterday with allegations that Trump settled multiple allegations of child rape with both male and female victims, but that one is almost certainly a Russian op - the source for that allegation is something called Veterans Today, which fact-checkers describe as an antisemitic pro-Kremlin conspiracy theory site.

Perhaps an attempt to drown out legitimate allegations with nonsense.

I don’t see how this ought to be looked into. He has, by definition, done nothing wrong, since it was obviously an official act.

Trump did an interview on Fox News a month or so ago and was asked if he would release the Epstein tapes. He said he would. But Fox cut out the rest of his reply when they ran the interview. (The entire interview came out later.)

He absolutely knows what is in the unreleased files. But the right wing media will keep protecting him until he can quash it.
Fox News Edited Out Trump Saying He Might Keep Epstein Files Sealed | HuffPost Latest News

Which is fascinating, in a way, because Trump “is old and looks old and is old” and the media has decided that’s not a story.

Here is Representative Ted Lieu calling for Trump to drop out. He specifically mentions the Epstein things.

And if Biden does drop out and replaced by someone a few decades younger, the media spotlight will flip on Trump “is old and looks old and is old.” And in the new news cycle, the Epstein-Trump story easily could be a thing.

That said, if there is a smoking gun in the Jeffrey Epstein files, the lamestream media should find it really quickly. Easy enough to scan in all the pages and ChatGPT it.

Not to sound cynical or defeatist, but do you think it will matter if they do find something? Don’s been accused of and found guilty of a lot of stuff over the years, and it hasn’t seemed to make a dent in his popularity.

The Washington Post factchecker gives Ted Lieu four Pinocchios.

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As we have documented, 17 women have claimed Trump engaged in sexual misconduct. A Manhattan jury found that Trump sexually abused and defamed one woman on our list. But no credible allegation has emerged to connect Trump to any of Epstein’s crimes.

Lieu is a member of Congress who doesn’t need to rely on dubious social media posts for his information — especially if he’s going to make a statement like this. Trump wasn’t mentioned in the latest batch of Epstein documents. He was barely mentioned in the earlier batches.