Donald Trump Jr is an Asshole

So he could still pretend it’s Ivanka.

On what grounds?

And not even the God-damned courtesy of a reacharound.

A bed that’s been pissed on by Russian hookers.

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Much as I hate to agree with D_Anconia, there’s no grounds for suing over this. Baldwin’s a celebrity, and there are plenty of t-shirts mocking celebrities of all ilks, including quite a lot mocking Donnie’s dad.

It’s spectacularly tasteless and is clearly another way to grift the suckers, but there’s no case for Baldwin to sue.


Must we? Maybe it’s just me, but I find the “hur hur Donald fucks his daughter” jokes spectacularly tasteless too.


I agree. Just because the Republicans love smearing shit all over the place doesn’t mean we have to scoop up handfuls and join in.

There may not be a bottom. Infinite depths remain to be plumbed.

It’s Republicans all the way down.

It’s interesting to compare Junior with Eric. Junior is an imbecilic loudmouth who shoots his dick off every he shoots his mouth (or tweet) off. Eric may be just as corrupt and perhaps smarter – but he’s not nearly as voluble.

The old saying goes: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.

That is the difference between Eric and Junior.

I didn’t make such a joke. I truly think he only likes one of his kids - Ivanka. Yes, partly it’s because she’s a pretty woman - he likes to look at pretty women. But she also has this faux* intelligence shtick she pulls that I think impresses Donald; he thinks she’s brilliant (and, in that group, she probably is the smart one).

Whereas Junior was never the favorite, in part because he was the oldest, and a male. He’s told stories about his demented dad - Donald would tell his preschool son “Don’t trust anybody.” Then ask, “Do you trust me?” “yes, daddy. You’re my daddy.” “I just told you not to trust anybody!”

He’s also commented that his dad hated the named Donald, but then he named his son that. “He’d say only losers would go by Donnie. Then he’d call me Donnie.”

He just wishes, if for only one day, that he was the golden child, like Ivanka with the good hair.

*Ivanka’s idea of intelligent is using big words when they aren’t necessary. A moment that is burned into my brain is her answer to a question about what role she fulfills in the Trump White House:
“I have a plethora of jobs.”

Let’s not forget that Trump said that if she wasn’t his daughter, he would be “dating” her.
On The Howard Stern Show, Stern referred to her as “a piece of ass” and Trump quite proudly agreed.
Also on Stern’s show, Trump (when Tiffany was an infant) speculated on what Tiffany’s breasts would be like as an adult.

And some of the pictures of Trump and his teen daughter are pretty weird too.

Some people claimed that Jr. was high during his convention speech.

In Junior’s case, it would probably be easier to try to determine the times when he isn’t strung out on something.

Ivanka is the only woman in the world that would still give him the time of day if he wasn’t wealthy. Trump knows this and it goes a long way with him.

Agreed. Let’s not do this.

Agreed. Next, we can work on getting to the point where we’re mature enough not to make “hur hur Donald married a whore” jokes.

There are people here who can’t wait to drop that turd into almost any thread… hur hur.

What’s the relationship between Don and Ivanka these days? I thought she was distancing herself from him.

Moriarty on his assessment. Trump is such a surface-level idiot that looks at people’s physical “attributes” as if that’s the most important thing. That, and since she can formulate proper sentences and probably somewhat capable of expressing her thoughts, he perceives that as intelligence.

Yeah, “fucks his daughter” jokes get old, but “wants to fuck his daughter” is just an observation, rather than a joke