Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Is anyone playing this game? It’s a very hard, yet enjoyable game. The graphics are great, the music is wonderful, and it’s very challenging.

It’s a shame if NO ONE is playing this game!

One of my only gripes I have with it is that Dixie is a little better than Diddy, and Cranky is useless in most stages.

It’s hard, but you’re allowed enough lives to learn the stage. I haven’t attempted to get 100%, and there are stages that I’ve missed because I didn’t go in the secret exist, but I just can’t wait to see what VERY unique challenges that arise in the next stage. So I’m skipping over some of the challenges with the focus of staying alive. The music of this game is underrated IMHO. There’s some great music here.

I love Donkey Kong Country because DK’s world is much more organic than the, sometimes stale and static Mario games. My brother, who’s not a gamer at all any more, actually played Tropical Freeze and liked it much more then Mario 3D World. He refused to play two player, we just each took turns trying to learn a level. I recommend this method of “2 player” over the games multi-player option, though I haven’t had much experience with that.

The levels are varied enough to keep things fresh. Any Wii U owners out there… this is why you got a Wii U! Enjoy it before it’s fazed out.

I got this game the day it came out and I STILL haven’t had time to play it.
my son’s been playing it though and he loves it. I’ve passed through the room while he’s playing and it looks gorgeous.


When you play it, I would love to hear your impressions. The first island isn’t my favorite. Most levels have a have an ‘event’ of some sort. The IGN review touched on this. For insentience I could say: “You know the level where; _____ happened?”

And the other person would be like: “yeah”

In my opinion, it’s the best Donkey Kong Country game of all time. There should be a better balance over a character’s ability and the stages they’re useful though.

Yes, I’ve heard Diddy has the ability to levitate, Cranky has the ability to jump higher, and Dixie can levitate AND jump higher. So Dixie becomes the default character you always want to use.

I was thinking about getting this in the next few days. I’ve narrowed my next game to this or the new Yoshi 3ds.

Will it frustrate the heck out of me?

Yes, but in a good way.

Yes it will, but not as much as Yoshi’s New Island will frustrate you in that they took a classic game, and made it into, well… Yoshi’s New Island. I could have gotten Yoshi, but I’ve seen many new videos of it, and I must say… it looks and sounds putrid.

Donkey Kong is a GOOD, hard game. Trust me, I would get it!

I went with the Yoshi game, btw, and it’s pretty good. Plenty of difficulty if you’re a completionist. No idea why people are all negative on it. Probably the art style.

Still want to get DKTF sometime, though.

I read the title and thought it was a new Slurpee flavor or something.

Donkey Kong Country Topical Cream.


Maybe I’m wrong about Yoshi… right now I don’t have the cash for another game. If you have the means Sara, do pick up Donkey Kong at some point. It’s really a great game. :slight_smile: