Don't ask for help here.

Seriously? Fight your own ignorance. No wonder you get no traffic here. Bullies.

(For those wondering what this is all about: homework question in violation of the board rules. )

Try Reddit.

I swear, people throw the word bullies around so much that it’s almost lost all of its meaning. Seriously.

If you want to politely discuss the rules here, the correct forum for that is About This Message Board.

If you just want to bitch about the rules, the correct forum for that is the BBQ Pit.

If you want to bitch about the moderation staff (or me, in particular), there is no forum here that allows that, not even the BBQ Pit. You can’t Pit mods, sorry.

If you can’t post within the rules here, we can revoke your posting privileges.

Since there is no question here, this is closed.