don't bother me, i'm eating.. carl's jr. disgusts me again

a couple years ago i ranted about carl’s jr.'s UTTERLY DISGUSTING television ads featuring open-mouth chomping of their product, accompanied by hideous sounds of these lard-asses chewing their food. Along with the juices and various sauces dribbling all over their bodies.

Well, those ads are gone now, but for the past few months, they have been airing a similiar yet equally disgusting ad campaign. The dribbling sauces are gone, but the hideous sounds remain. And the voice-over adds a whole new level of disgust.

Picture fades in to a slovenly man holding a burger. Imagine microphones somehow placed inside his mouth as he chomps down on the burger. you get the annoying sounds of him biting into it, chewing it, swallowing it, etc.

Now, the voice-over. Imagine your most white-trash pot-smoking friend, in a full-on marijuana haze. Think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He drawls “a burger… fries… and a coke” <long, long pause> “don’t bother me, i’m eating”.

More horrid chomping sounds. More inside-the-mouth chewing sounds. These fuckers disgust me to no end.

Anyway, for those of you not on the west coast who have mercifully not been subjected to this televised torture, I apologize for not being able to fully explain the horror of the carl’s jr. “don’t bother me, i’m eating” campaign.

Those of you who have seen these assaults on the senses, please tell me i’m not nuts.

You’re not nuts. There’s one where the guy drawls with his mouth full.

If pigs like this are their target clientelle, I’ll pass, thanks.


Ugh. I’ll take your word for it. Their previous commercials made me nauseous.

My all-time disgust/nausea goes to the Schlotsky’s commercial of the woman walking down the street with a man, both in business attire, and she stops, goes to the garbage can, rummages until she finds the Schlotsky’s sandwich that I guess she smelled, finds it and finishes it off. I thought I would yack! To me, that was far worse.

I love that Schlotsky’s ad! I gasped right out loud when I saw it- an audible “ACK!!!” then I laughed. At least we didn’t have to hear her chomping on it. Those Carls ads sound like my dog licking his balls, and I kick him for that to make him stop. Jesus, what is wrong with those ad people??


I was watching the film ‘Hanging Up’ today (mostly for Meg Ryan (Hmmmmmm, Meg!!!); in it, there’s a scene at the Richard Nixon Library in which the ex-Pres says something like: “Whether it’s at 21 [ritzy NY restaurant] or at Carl Jr.'s here in Orange County, there’s nothing I like better than a good hamburger”.

Well, all I got to say is that, if it’s got Tricky Dicky’s seal of approval, it’s good enough for me.

Forgot to mention that it was a clip from a T.D. interview, but you probably figured it out:D.

but I’ll take the new one over the old one (food splattering everywhere…YAR) anyday.


I wish I didn’t have to correct you when I say that these disgusting Madison Avenue mental maggots of moronic mushbrained merchandising are out here on the West coast as well.

What frickkin’ drivel. Who wants to see and hear someone eat, unless its the dining scene in “Tom Jones”?

what’s your problem with the sound of people eating? You’re probably one of those people that giggles uncontrolably when someone farts too.

Yeah, those commercials are somewhat off-putting.

But, hot-damn, that’s a good burger!

I positively loathe the sound (and sight) of people eating. As an added bonus, you can usually see what these people are chewing in the process. I know I shouldn’t look, but I can’t help it: I’m mesmerized:D.

…Several months ago ( ). And you know what? It’s still really, really gross. If anything, the commercials have gotten worse. But now they’ve tried to soften them up by having the actors talk to each other, so that the commercials aren’t just people eating, loudly and sloppily.

The guy at the laundramat and the chick in the library were the most irritating to me. ACK!

You beat me to it- I was going to start a Carl’s Jr. Pit thread about those commercials. I’m glad I never saw the old ones…

I think the icing on the cake is the commercials that imply that not only is their clientele disgustingly sloppy and slurpy, but also they’re too dumb to feed themselves. It reminds me of the Monty Python “I WANT MORE BEANS!” skit.


Sheesh- first they have Leonardo DiCaprio interviewing people, now they’ve got Nixon doing it. Journalistic integrity is totally going down the drain…


I’m going to run for governor of California on a platform of (1) State ownership of the means of generating electricity and (2) Revoking the restaurant licenses of all Carl’s Jrs. The commercials are disgusting and the restaurants themselves are affronts to civilization. Ever notice those posters in every Carl’s Jr. that rant on about how America is the greatest land on earth because of its Christianity and free enterprise system? Since ideology is so important to them, I decided to listen to my own ideology that fast food is a cancer on society, and I stopped going there.