Don't get a joke from The Simpsons, Futurama, or Family Guy? Post here!

This is the amalgamated “I don’t get this joke” from one of those three cartoons thread. If there’s a joke, sight gag, or whatever you don’t understand, then say so and let those of us who do know fill you in and make you feel like a complete idiot!

And just because I’m nice, I’ll go first:

In one ep. of Family Guy, Peter mentions having some actress over for dinner (I think it was the woman who played Lois in the Superman movies) and the woman goes all apeshit and tears up the room. I assume this actress must have had some kind of similar breakdown, or something, but I’m unsure.

If it was Margot Kidman, who played Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve’s Superman, then it was probably a reference to her highly-publicized nervous breakdown. As I recall, she was found wandering through neighborhoods in a disheveled condition, without her dentures.

Ack, not Margot Kidman. Margot Kidder. Sorry.

Her name is Margot Kidder, not Kidman.

Dang, the correction wasn’t there when I posted. >_>

I’ll play. In the episode of Family Guy where the family is relocated in witness protection to the deep south, there is a part where someone is upset for some reason and describes themselves as “lower than a bow-legger caterpillar.” (or maybe are described that way in a voiceover? I can’t remember.) The shot cuts to a guy in a cornfield laughing at the joke and then says “and now here’s Roy” or something like that. I assume it’s a TV show reference, as a big portion of the jokes on FG are. Anyone clue me in?

It’s a parody of Hee-Haw.

That’s a Hee Haw reference. Roy is Roy Clark. That had a running bit where two cast members would pop up in a cornfield and tell bad jokes.

It’s a ‘Hee-Haw’ reference:
Holy crap, that show was on a long time! 1969-1993!

I may be slow, but I provide links.

Actually I think it was a reference to Rio, by Duran Duran…

Marge: You liked Rashomon.
Homer: That’s not how I remember it.


Rashomon is a Japanese film about three tellings of the same story from three points of view, each differing wildly.

Sneed’s Feed and Seed (formerly Chuck’s)? Huh?

I kid! I kid!

Actually, four viewpoints:

The bandit, the wife, the medium channeling the murder victim, and the woodcutter.

It was, but IIRC they kept canceling it and bringing it back.

See, you say you kid, but I predict that before the end of the day, someone will come in and honestly not get the joke. There’s always one. No matter how many times we explain it, there’s always someone who doesn’t get it.

Because it’s a really lame joke.


Me. I don’t get it…

“Sneed’s Feed & Seed” has three words rhyming. Replace Sneed with Chuck, and think of what words begin with F and S that rhyme with Chuck.