Don't kill me, but the most overrated Criminal Minds episodes is...

10x21 “Mr. Scratch”.
So many ridiculous plot holes. Well, not as much plot holes as very contrived plot. (If somebody can provide an explanation, I am willing to listen.)
Spoilers for the ones who haven’t seen it.
The mere fact that all four victims (I’m referring to people he had drugged) would happen to suppress the memory of mr Scratch as children and later hallucinate about it while drugged due to it being one of their first childhood fears is contrivsd. And that they would all (well, two of them) provide such similar, detailed descriptions. But not impossible, especially since the psychologist had been manipulating with them and it was probably very traumatic and confusing for them. However…
The drugs used in the episode wouldn’t have worked the way it was shown.
How could Peter have known that victims’ (I’m referring to people he had drugged) loved ones would be at home when the drug would kick in AND manage to plant the drug in the right time, evey time, without being spotted? Heck, how could he have known that the victims would be at home too, that they would both be at home in the same time? I know that many people follow a certain routine, even in everyday life, and that he had been stalking them, but he was still taking a hell of a chance. And it worked.
Peter would plant the drugs in air ventilations system of the victims’ homes. Wouldn’t the drugs have affected the victim’s loved ones too? They wouldn’t be hallucinating about Mr. Scratch but they would have shown some effects, even while asleep probably, nightmares at least. Some of it could be left unexplained because their loved ones were dead anyway and the victims had little to no actual recolection of an actual event, but the fourth victim’s son apparently showed no reaction to the drug at all, at least it was never mentioned. And who is to say that their loved ones wouldn’t turn violent as well and maybe even get an upper hand on their attackers or even attack first? Are we supposed to believe that the first three victims just so happened to live together with one more person and managed to kill them while drugged and while nobody else was at the house?
How come all the victims happened to use a knife to murder people/commit suicide? I get the doctor, since Peter was there, he was probably manipulating with her while she was drugged, but the other three?
Why did Peter start killing all of the sudden after more than thirty years? He had been a math genius since an early age and these drugs had been avaliable for quite a while. Serial killers usually have some sort of a trigger. That was also left unexplained.
It is definitely the best episode of season ten and one of the better episodes overall and. The storyline was creative, the acting was great and I especially liked the shocking reveal at the end. The quote at the beginning was PERFECT. But God is it overrated.

The footpath killer will have a stutter

Yes I know that not many people feel that way and that maybe my original post was complicated but I would like to discuss it because the reputation that episode has baffles me.

The gorgeous Shemar Moore is in it.

It’s all OK by me.

I watched it and went “well that was a bit crap”. Never thought it would be overrated, would have thought it be voted worst of the season. What was the bit about agent Hotchner about?

Nowhere near as good as the one with the dolls, or the one with the puppets…