How do you get to that point in only 15 hours? (24 spoiler)


Amnesia?!?!? WTF! 24 had so much promise but it is creatively bankrupt already. Most soap operas take MONTHS to run out of ideas so they have to fall back on amnesia. What’s next, Jack’s evil twin? Plastic surgery so they can replace Nina with another actress who is asking for less money? Aliens?


Yeah, I was quite disappointed with the episode.

First, 2 guys take out 4 CTU guys without raising an alarm. Then we have another exploding car fiasco. Was the car filled with C4? And I think that whole car-blows-up-but-Kim-survives thing was very predictable.

Finally we have the amnesia. “WTF!” is about all I can come up with. I guess it’s not an implausible idea, but it’s so cliche.

The only upside to the episode was Keith and the tape recorder. At least he hasn’t turned into a total idiot yet.

I hope the rest of the season isn’t as painful to watch. I’ve invested too much time already.

As I said in a different thread, the show seemingly shifted too quickly from its first 13 hours which were quite suspenseful and then abpruptly changed gears. I think it’s hard to build up that tension again.

I would have loved to have seen Gaines’ gang hang around for the whole 24 hours. They were so evil.

These new bad guys just don’t have the same attitude.

And not just amnesia - but amnesia coupled with miraculous escape from a horrific car crash. (I didn’t want her to die - but once the car tumbled and blew up, her walking away really pissed me off.)

And I’m sorry, but Keith has never rung true to me at all and total idiot would be several steps up from where I see him right now. poorly written, poorly acted, and this hour was no exception.

How does she get to that point? How does she get to that point?

Dude, in the past 15 hours, Terry Bauer has:

  • Had her daughter kidnapped
  • Thought her daughter was killed in a car accident
  • Been betrayed by the man whom she thought was her daughter’s friend’s father
  • Been kidnapped
  • Had a gun held to the back of her head
  • Had a gun held to the back of her daughter’s head
  • Been raped
  • Killed her rapist
  • Escaped an international terrorist organization
  • Faced the woman her husband had slept with
  • Found out she’s pregnant
  • Been chased by two more assasins
  • Thought her daughter to be dead - AGAIN!

HOW WOULD YOU DEAL WITH THIS?!?!? You guys are willing to accept all of these things, but not willing to accept that she has blocks her memory because of all thesetraumatic events?! I’m no psychologist, but this kind of trauma would seem to be the type of thing that could spur a psychological self-defense like this.

Well, I for one thought the episode was great, really picking up the pace after the last two bridging episodes. I’m sticking by 24, the best show for my money this season!! Yeehaw!

Oh and did anyone else notice that the end of this episode is almost virtually the same as the beginning of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive? A car crash on Mulholland Drive (it did look like the actual Mulhullond Drive to me in the episode) leads to a woman with amnesia who is befriended by another woman who finds her. My bet is that they’ll now have a lesbian affair, followed by little old people who crawl under their door and a monster behind a dumpster.
That’s all for now. Thank you.

My apologies for any and all grammar mistakes I made in the above comment. I got a little worked up.

But we already had that, remember? In one of the first episodes, the girl who blew up the plane with the photographre’s ID? I can’t remember her name. She had something going with the girl who was shot in the desert, right?

Oh, yeah, count me in with those who think the car blowing up and Teri’s amnesia are so lame.
Okay, I’ll give on the amnesia thing, only because of pezwookie’s post, but the car just rolled down the hill…what the heck made it explode in a giant fireball?
Couldn’t they think of something better?

In Hollywood, all cars are required by law to have several pounds of highly volatile explosives with detonator circuits hooked up to the airbag sensors hidden underneath the seat.

I’m just hoping she doesn’t wake up taking a shower with Bobby Ewing, saying it was all just a dream.

Still, despite some of the periferal nonsense, it is still a great story.

Yeah, the car explosion really annoys me. But the rest of it didn’t strain my suspension of disbelief too much. I’m still on board.

Yeah, the car explosion really annoys me. But the rest of it didn’t strain my suspension of disbelief too much. I’m still on board.

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