Just watched first 3 episodes of 24 -- does it get better?

Seriously, is everybody gonna stay this stupid?

Is every person the daughter runs into on the street gonna be a sexual predator? I did kinda like the slutty hot woman terrorist who blew up the plane, but the way the rest of the bunch acted when the girlfriend hid the ID card was idiotic. Of course girlfriend knew they couldn’t shoot her because she hid the ID, but why didn’t they put a gun to the head of slutty hot plane blower upper chick and explain how card hider would need a new girlfriend in one minute?

Jack orders the hacker chick to cut off access to the suspected Nina? Even though she’s apparently been dirty for years, so what new could she betray now, except possibly run out once she finds her access cut off? Except she wasn’t dirty (well, not from anything I know yet) because Jack didn’t stop to think that somebody else might have sat down at her desk at some time and used her computer?

I suppose the daughter is the dumbest. And I 'spose we’re supposed to forgive her for her youth. Calls mom instead of dialing 911. Running away, they run right past the airport tower, which would have phones, and into the arms of the den of vipers that apparently occupies every airport. Wants her kidnappers to go back and get her friend who was hit by a car trying to escape – WTF, she can’t imagine they’ll get her medical treatment? How can she not figure out the best chance for both of them to stay alive is if friend stays out on the street until someone calls cops or an ambulance.

One other question I have, which I think is program dumbness but I don’t know enough about drugs to be sure. Daughter’s friend is slipped a rufie at some point in the first hour, then is shot up with (presumably) heroin in the second (or maybe early in the 3rd), but is running pretty capably and appearing almost sober half way into episode 3. Given they make such a big deal about the “real time” nature of the program, she seems to have been on a very short trip. How plausible is this?

Even with all the dumbassedness, I have to admit I kinda like it.

With 24 there’s a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required throughout the whole series, but the daughter is just that, a daughter, not really a streetwise secret service agent, so makes stupid decisions (and is stupid in general). Yes, her falling from bad situations to bad situations is a bit of a weak and annoying plot point in the first season, but I think the season has enough of interest to keep you hooked, the second season is good too, there are some which aren’t quite as good, but one weak season doesn’t mean the next one isn’t…

So I’d say stick with it. Its’ got a lot of good moments, but I can’t do much to comment without giving a whole lot of themes away…

The first half of the first season is as good as the show ever gets. So no.

I used to like 24. Recently I started watching it again since I was bored and… got bored. It probably works better when it’s weekly rather than on DVDs, because of course you can’t have an entire hour (episode) of nothing happening, so things happen very fast which can seem ridiculous without a gap between each episode.

Well, don’t expect it to get more plausible; it will only get less so. They had to pull a lot of logistical gymnastics to fit into the “real time” conceit and it doesn’t always stand up to close scrutiny.

I found it to be an extremely fun and exciting roller-coaster of a show. If you just relax and go with the over-the-topness, you may find you really enjoy it. Or you may find it’s not really your thing, no biggie. But do stick with it for at least half a season; it hadn’t quite found its tone early on, but it will pick up momentum.

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I really enjoyed 24 when it came out and loved the seasons. However, about season 3, when I got sick and was home from work and sat down to watch season one again, I did find it more difficult to watch seasons one two and even three. But, even now, I think seasons four on were quite good.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of suspension of disbelief happening! That’s not to say that I have to stop thinking about it at times! But, overall I enjoyed the show.

In my experience, every episode of 24 is the same.

Approach it like the TV equivalent of a big dumb action movie. If you don’t like that sort of thing then you won’t like this. If however there is a place in your heart for it then Jack Bauer is just about one of the best fictional baddasses ever.

How come Jack Bauer never has to take a dump? :confused:

You have to keep watching up until the episode where Kim gets chased by the mountain lion. TV doesn’t get any better than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the one where she ends up with the survivalist in a shack in the middle of nowhere (right outside LA)? :dubious:

Or charge up his cell phone?

Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:


It is without doubt that the series gets exponentially (perhaps one might say “explosively”) more ridiculous with each passing minute.

I enjoyed the first three seasons for the ride, but then I got bored/fed up with the rampant dumbness and AMERICA FUCK YEAH.

There’s a fun drinking game where you take a drink for every misdemeanor, and a shot for every felony, committed by Jack.

I think it’s during the commercial breaks. I’m reassured that Jack and the family get such frequent 3-5 minute time outs. I’m not sure why I find it so amusing that the stopwatch actually times the length of the commercial breaks.

Why wouldn’t it be amusing to time Jack Bauer’s number twos?

I started a thread very similar to this one some time ago. Maybe a year or so back. I didn’t make it through the second season. I only made it through the first out of sheer will to give it at least a good try. I have no idea why it was so popular.

Found it…almost exactly a year ago.

Great minds think alike. I’ve been on this overnight marathon, and am in the middle of episode 13 now. Hard to believe Kim is getting dumber hour by hour.

This. I only watched the first season. The first episode my mouth dropped that a TV show could be that beautifully shot and the premise was fresh and interesting. By mid-season when his wife got amnesia I was horrendously pissed and finished the season and never watched again.

FYI, it doesn’t bother me to be “spoiled”, because everything is pretty damn predictable. The wife has been moaning and grasping at her stomach, but no amnesia yet.