Don't push me cos I'm close to the edge.

Its like a jungle sometimes …

Makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

Don’t push me cos I’m close to the.edge.

Huh huh, huh huh.

That is a Pantera’s box you do not want to open.

If you’re not living close to the edge then you are taking up too much space on this mountain!

and there’s broken glass everywhere

Not right away. Not right away.

And why would one urinate in this stairwell? It’s as if they aren’t at all concerned.

Well, where would you go if there were rats in the front room & roaches in the back?

Conveniently, there’s someone in the alley with a blunt (heh, heh) instrument. Maybe a baseball bat.

One of the few songs that uses the word “sacroiliac.” Them baseball battéd junkies will break that.