Don't You DARE question my rants! ARE YOU LISTENING?

I don’t post here often, cuz I don’t get pissed here often.

If I wanted a debate, I’d post in GD. If I wanted your opinion, I’d post in IMHO.

You are welcome to share my rage. You are welcome to a quiet or loud “Amen, brother”.

You are NOT welcome to tell me I’m WRONG! You are NOT welcome to explain my misperceptions to me.

You are ESPECIALLY NOT welcome to engage me in rational discourse! This is the Pits, and it is in the tradition of Pits throughout history that they be MUDDY!

So spare me your “I believe you’re mistaken.”, your “It’s more correct to say…”, and ESPECIALLY your, “Calm down!”!!!@##


So HOWL at the MOON, redneck Mothers!

Some of us don’t behave this way in RL, and we relish the opportunity to vent here. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you disagree with me, go somewhere more civilized.


Ohhh, I think I’m gonna hurt myself laughing at this one tomorrow. :smiley:



Which curiously is the only other first page thread in the pit started by him. Funny that. :wink:

Actually, I think that…

: d&r :

You missed this andthis.


I believe you’re mistaken, yojimboguy. Sometimes it’s more correct to say things in a rational and civilised manner. Just calm down and stop shouting.

[sub]heh heh heh[/sub]

So you’re saying that were I to post a rant in the Pit about how I hate those dirty Jews who knocked down our big tall buildings in Chicago on September 13th, you’d expect everyone to disagree quietly and leave me alone?

What big tall buildings, you lying mofo?

Not necessarily. Start your own rant! Must you insist on rationality and correctness in the Flaming Pits?

But otherwise, YES! A member who posts such a nasty thread would would be noted and qouted and dismissed in other forums for comments here. And privileges that the mods can revoke if certain borders are crossed.

Why do YOU have to be the fuckin morals police in a place DESIGNED for free expression?

This (specifically, the Pits) is pratically they only “place” in the world where we SHOULD be free to express our vile side. I’m not claiming to be particularly vile myself, but we all need some space to VENT.

And to those of you who say, “Wait a minute, yojimboguy. YOU’RE the one trying to stifle free speech! These people have an equal right to post anything they want”, I say, “So fuckin WHAT? It’s not rational? Today is ‘Let’s Be Irrational Day’, declared by ME!”. :smiley:

Why must we feel compelled to piss on other members’ ideas, even bad ones, in this particular forum?

Forget I said that, because I don’t care for anybody’s reasonable response to it. It came out kind of as an inner dialog.

There you go again, forcing me back into rational discourse. Fie, Fie I say!

If the left one don’t woosh you then the right one will.

Perhaps you may be salvaged. For the moment you are spared my righteous thunderbolts. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the spirit!

I can’t wait for the New and Improved Pit!! The threads are going to be so much nicer without all that pesky disagreement! I can’t wait to read the next “I hate car salesman!” thread:

OP: Car salesmen are lying assholes!
poster 1: That is true.
poster 2: I also am in agreement with that thought.
poster 3: Those fucking assholes.
poster 4: Gotcha Ya!
Moderator: That’s it, poster 4, you’re banned.
poster 2: I am in agreement with that banning.

It’s about time someone brought some friggin’ order to this place. Thanks, yojimboguy!

Yes, yes, you see it. You will be my aide de camp! Just throw in variants of the word “Fuckwad” and you’ll have it!

You fucked up wad! Wad fucker!!

It is clear that you are a big wad of fuck.

I certainly support begging Phil to return.



Some fuckwad, I’m guessing.