Doom bug/feature

Hi everyone, I’m back. Like the new look of the board. Anyway, I had a question about Doom, Doom2 specificly. (Yes, I know Doom is out of date compared to Quake, etc. But I still play it a lot).I wanted to know if anyone else had ever noticed this bug/feature I stumbled upon:

In Doom2 you have the Arch-Vile, which can respawn any dead monsters it encounters. The other day I was playing a level where you lure monsters into a zone of crushing ceilings where they get mashed. Then I ran across an Arch-Vile and attempted to lure it into being crushed as well. I did, but not before it resurrected some monsters that had been mashed.

To my astonishment, the resurrected monsters were intangible! (In No-Clipping Mode, if you’re familiar with Doom). Bullets, rockets, etc. simply passed through them, making them almost unkillable. Eventually I discovered that they could be killed by an indirect blast such as either a barrel explosion or a rocket aimed at a nearby wall. This apparently happens whenever a monster is respawned under a ceiling too low for them.

None of the Doom references I’ve read mention this effect, which I think could be used for some very interesting levels, unless this is all old news.

They became ghosts. It’s a well-known phenomenon, and I have a FAQ that answers just that question. The link is down here:

Heck, it was mentioned in the readme file that came with my copy. When did you get yous, maybe they just weren’t including it then.
And I know what you mean, good games never really go out of date.

Speaking of Doom II strangenesses, I noticed that if you dodge the guided missles just right, they will start flying an orbit around you. Of course, you have to be in an open space and it helps to have a cheat code or two working in your favor. Anyone else seen this?

Another funny thing about Doom II… I’ve noticed this most often in the final level, with the constant stream of monsters coming, but it’s happened before.

When you kill one of the big brown flying demon-things (I forget their name, but they spit the Lost Souls), and it’s too close to a wall, one or both of the Lost Souls that are spawned as a result can end up flying around inside the walls.

Also, if an Arch-Vile revives an enemy too close to a wall, the enemy can wind up trapped in the wall, too. It’s really funny.

Beta-testing that game must’ve been fun. :smiley: