Dope Music

No, I don’t mean music best enjoyed while ‘enhanced’, but songs that, for some reason, remind you of or fit the Straight Dope. The reason the topic came to me was that I was listening to John Grant’s latest in the car, and Black Belt came on, and I suddenly realized that there’s gonna be a lot of threads on here where parts of it will be playing in my head—mostly those interminable ones where a small, but vocal group (often of one) is irredeemably wrong on some simple topic, but lacks even the wherewithal to just grasp the extent of their ignorance. You know, the Einstein disprover, 9/11 truther, moon hoaxer (though there’s been a dearth of those lately, no?) kind of stuff. The reason is, among others, the chorus:

What you got is a black belt in BS,
But you can’t hawk your pretty wares up in here anymore.
Hit your head on the playground at recess.
Etch-a-sketch your way out of this one, reject!

Especially that last line will be playing in my head whenever somebody issues such a killer deconstruction of their opponents viewpoint that no coming back is possible (which will more often than not just fly right past them, unfortunately). Also very on point are those verses:

You really think that you can school me in semantics.
I can’t recommend that baby. I see through your antics.
You think you’re mysterious; you cannot be serious.
You got lots of time to think of new ways to deceive yourself.

Plus, it’s just a great song.

So, do you have any ‘Dope music’? Something you listen to to enhance your Dope experience? Or, to widen the focus a little, some other form of art—film, pictures, novels, comics, what have you—that bring the Dope to mind?

They’re Coming to Take Me Away

Cocktails for Two, Spike Jones