Dope of the Dead RPG: Setup Thread

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, it’s summer! Summer is a time of chaos. Between work and friends, I can not make my regularly scheduled Dungeons and Dopers session on Skype. But I still have free time. It’s just broken up into many tiny chunks. So, how can I make the best use of this free time? Why, a play-by-post game, of course!

What is Dope of the Dead?
A zombie-filled Play by Post game right here on the forums! I’ll be using the d20 Modern system as a base, but we’ll be going rules-lite. I’ll do all the rolling behind the scenes, so that you can simply tell me what you are attempting, and I can tell you if you succeed.
What will be the setting of Dope of the Dead? Where will my character start?
It’s early 2013 in Los Angeles, and for the last three months a strange flu has been going around the entire world. Riots have broken out in places like Europe and Asia, but so far America has been pretty safe. Then, last week, the riots started here in LA. Or at least, that’s what the news has been saying. You’ve only had a few short looks at these “rioters”, either on television or while being evacuated by the CDC and the army. And they barely seemed human to you.
What kind of schedule will the game have?
If everyone can post once a day, I’d be happy! Ideally, I can post an action update once a day, and everyone can discuss/react by the next update. NPC dialogue will come faster than that, of course, and if everyone seems ready I may move on faster.
How many players will we need?
I think 4 is a good number to shoot for.

Please POST what your character is like (Occupation, name, personality, family, etc.) here on the forum. Then PM me with the details of what you want your character to do, and I’ll create a 1st to 3rd level d20 character using those guidelines. No, not all characters will start out at the same level, but at low levels in the d20 system that doesn’t really matter, especially with the way I’m doing Hit Points.

Posting now to reserve a slot. Will follow up shortly. Very excited!

I’m in. What’s the worst that could happen?

This is crazy, Love Rhombus is in my Dungeons and Dopers game and I posted a link in Skype chat right after I finished this up… and he STILL isn’t the first! This game looks promising!

Howsabout this…

Maxwell Wright, 35, fireman and father of two. Wright recently moved into the city from an outlying fire district to take a safer position as the fire chief in a suburban neighborhood. Wright is a family man, still married to his high school sweetheart, Katherine, and most of his free time is spent with his children Ray (12) and Samantha (7). Wright is sometimes terse but ultimately friendly, with a small gift for dry wit.
Anything else you need?

Nope, that’s great. Send me a PM about what you want him to be able to do in-game when you get the chance, though I have some ideas for a firefighter…

ETA: I’ll be sending you a PM tomorrow morning with a couple of “what-if” questions. To get a feel for your character.

I’m in.

/in if possible

4 people, it seems. First four or five to have concepts in (so far I have one) will get positions.

How about this?

Alvin Coolnax, age 33. A former military man who lives alone; He owns a army surplus supply store and is pretty well trained in guns/weaponry from his 12 years in the army.

After what he saw in the army, Alvin isn’t sure he even wants the world to continue. Hell, maybe these riots and disease are just nature’s way of finishing off what humanity started. No, Alvin isn’t a cynic. He’s a disappointed idealist, a shadow of the upbeat man that signed up for the army after high school. He’d signed up to serve his country, his fellow man, and to get some good training while staying in shape. He was a model American citizen and a damn fine specimen of a man.

Except of course for those 4-5 murders he had committed every year since he was 15. Except for those, of course.

Of course!

Ain’t no thang.

I assume my character is in, then?

Yes, and so is Applecider’s. PM’s incoming when I get home.

Jordan Scott was a year into her residency as a pathologist at one of those hospitals in downtown L.A. that looks like any other hospital in downtown L.A. when the plague arrived. The CDC called it a flu, but this was unlike any flu Jordan had ever encountered. The Flu doesn’t make your flesh slowly rot away. It doesn’t make you violent. It doesn’t make you unintelligible. This was no flu. She had been studying it for three months now, since the first patient arrived at the hospital with it. The patient was incoherent and delirious. The usual test turned up nothing, no drugs, no alcohol. The patient’s bloodwork all seemed normal under the standard battery of tests, but it didn’t take a doctor to see that the patient was clearly physically and mentally ill. Soon more started coming in with the same symptoms, all were clearly sick, but nothing indicated as such. The disease apparently wasn’t contagious in any of the normal modes of transmission, so a quarantine ward was setup where those afflicted were treated while Jordan and the rest of the pathology department set to work to figure out what exactly was going on. Unfortunately, even the more advanced blood tests still came up with nothing. By all rights, the patients in the quarantine ward should have been perfectly healthy humans. Even their white-blood cell counts were normal. The CDC was informed, and it wasn’t too long until the hospital was crawling with bureaucrats. They brought in their “best and brightest” but they had no more luck in figuring out what was going on then Jordan and her compatriots did. But each day, those already sick got worse, their bodies wasting away more and more. Each day, more of the sick came in, until the quarantine ward had to be expanded. It was feared that the hospital would run out of beds, of course, that fear was misplaced, though no one knew it at the time.

The weaker of those afflicted started dying about two months after they first showed up. However, the heartier ones seemed to derive an almost superhuman stamina and strength from their condition. One attacked a CDC agent, who luckily escaped without much more than a few scratches. It took a handful of doctors and a large amount of morphine, enough to kill a normal human, to finally subdue the attacker. However, one of the doctors got bit on the arm by the assailant. Within a few hours, he came down with the same affliction as the others. It was a breakthrough for the pathologists, but it came at a cost. The CDC started collecting saliva samples from the afflicted while Jordan and her compatriots started testing them. The CDC also called in some national guard as extra protection. Soon the hospital seemed more like a warzone then a place of healing.

But Jordan knew she had an important task and steeled herself to avoid the distractions of the bureaucrats, soldiers, and the increasing violence among the quarantined, much of which was put down by the sound of pistol fire. It was then that she had a breakthrough, though it was pretty much by accident. In a moment of clumsiness, she had knocked over a tray of test tubes that held blood and saliva samples from both afflicted and clean. As the tubes broke and their contents mingled, she noticed that a slight chemical reaction took place, a slight bubbling and release of steam, then nothing. After the spill was cleaned up with a biohazard kit, the experiment was repeated, this time under controlled conditions. Sure enough, the same result occurred. While everything indicated the two sets of samples were identical, when infected saliva mixed with infected blood, nothing happened. When normal saliva mixed with normal blood, nothing happened either. But when the infected saliva mixed with normal blood, a reaction occurred.

However, Jordan never got the chance to explore further, since it wasn’t too long that all Hell broke lose in the quarantine ward. Whereas before there were only isolated violent cases, now it seemed everyone was. The military could barely contain them and called for backup. The employees thought they were merely going to station more soldiers, but instead they evacuated the place, commandeering the hospital. Jordan tried to get answers, but the most she was able to figure out was that similar things were happening all over the city, and she should count herself lucky that she was at least surrounded by well trained and armed personnel. Of course, it’s all a matter of perspective. Being dragged from one’s life at practically gun point to face a world apparently rampant with who knows what plague afflicting it isn’t exactly what many would consider fortuitous.

But at least she was able to lift some medical supplies. Never know when one might need them.

I’m going to close the game for new interest for now, since I have 3 completed characters and two who have expressed interest. Hoopy Frood, that’s an awesome background, I just need a quick PM regarding your character’s capabilities. and I’ll send you all a PM tonight with a few questions.

If Love Rhombus and Toe Jam don’t post characters by tomorrow, I’ll start recruiting again. Anyone else who wants in… Send me a PM.

Alright, recruitment is over. Send me a PM if you still want in, but the team as of now is Mahaloth, appleciders, and Hoppy Frood. Will start the game tonight!

Thread is up!

I’ll be sending a few of you specific PMs with information you would know that is specific to your character.

I just wanted to know I’m watching your game thread. It looks very promising!

Also, I want to express my annoyance at the threadshitter in your game thread. Maybe a game room mod can fix it somehow so it’s not the first thing people see when they read the replies?