Dope on Kecksburg PA UFO

Just read about the mysterious object that landed/crashed in Kecksburg Pennsylvania in December 1965. According to the report I read, the object was seen flying through Michigan and Ohio before it made a sudden turn over Pittsburgh and then crashed in Kecksburg.

Again according to the report, one eyewitness at the crash site described the object as looking like a four-pointed star, another described it as a copper-bronze colored saucer-shaped object.

The military swooped in quickly, sealed off the area, and trucked the object away on a flatbed trailer. They claimed that the object was just a meteorite. But according to the report, all information on the event has been classified by the government.

Legends have grown up around the event, most claiming that the object was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Others claim that it was a Soviet spacecraft.

Not one to trust the wild-eyed conspiracy theorists, I wondered if there have been any skeptical scientific inquiries into this mysterious event.

For some reason our system won’t let me open most of the sites on this (cue weird music), but here’s the Wikipedia article on it:

Jeez, didn’t even occur to me that this would have been documented on wiki. D’oh! :smack: Anyhoo, sure sounds like the government can’t get its act together on an explanation. Cue more weird music!

Actually, to be honest, I suspect that Cold War secrecy was behind the government’s earlier shadiness about this. If it was a Soviet military device, they’d probably want to keep it secret and hidden (unlike the Sputnik that crashed in Wisconsin, and which was return to the USSR: )The Soviet Union also denied the involvement of its military exercises that were responsible for reports of “jellyfish-like UFOs” in the USSR.

Still, why no complete report on the nature of this satellite, if it was genuinely a Russian satellite?

Interesting story.

The reports of an acorn shaped object with a lower ‘bumper’ are curiously suggestive of a Reentry Vehicle. Though I doubt such things were intended to come down over land, there must have been some testing that went on. There is no doubt that such an object would be treated as a military secret.

The simple meteor explanation sounds pretty likely though.